Joe Thanks Fans For Support On 'Power's' Original ‘Big Rich Town’ Theme Song

Joe Thanks Fans For Support On 'Power's' Original ‘Big Rich Town’ Theme Song

The R&B voice behind the original “Big Rich Town” track also has a message for 50 Cent.

Published August 28th

Written by Danielle Ransom

The lighthearted tug-of-war between Power stans and 50 Cent over the series' beloved "Big Rich Town" theme song just got more intense.

It’s officially day two of the ongoing battle that fans of the show have been waging against the G-Unit honcho, and more parties are entering the chat on the theme-song debate. 

  1. Sunday night delivered a shocking surprise when fans tuned in for the Starz series’ final season. The “Big Rich Town” theme that originally featured R&B crooner Joe (of My Name Is Joe fame) had been remixed by R&B ladies' man Trey Songz and Bronx rap star A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie. Since then, fans have been at Fifty's neck, urging for the show’s original theme song to be reinstated.


  2. Fifty appeared to have conceded after promising a fan he will handle it — as long as they 'just chill.'

    Even Trigga became a casualty of war after he got caught in their crosshairs.

    Joe arrived as a voice of reason among it all, however. The 46-year-old R&B veteran popped on social media yesterday to let fans know their voices had been heard, and he was appreciative of their outpouring of support. 


  3. 'FANS HAVE A LOT OF #power!,' Joe astutely remarked with the best clapback to 50 Cent’s 'Joe’s Voice Matters' trolling yesterday.

    Alongside the post, Joe uploaded a picture of himself Photoshopped into Power’s title card with the words “The Voice Of Power” written in large block letters. Fans' prayers might have also been answered as the singer cryptically hinted he has a little something on the way.

    “Will hit y'all once I'm settled in Africa,” he penned on Instagram. He also had some words for 50 Cent as well. 

    “@50cent - ALL LOVE,” the “I Wanna Know” singer said. “We made a classic!” 

    You have to see Joe’s hilarious take on the situation below for yourself.


(Photo L-R: Prince Williams/WireImage and Frédéric Ragot/Redferns)


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