Big Boi’s Response To YesJulz's Twitter Comment Deserves A Round Of Applause

AUSTIN, TEXAS - MARCH 16: Big Boi performs at Rachael Ray's Feedback Party during the 2019 SXSW Conference and Festival at Stubbs Bar-B-Que on March 16, 2019 in Austin, Texas. (Photo by Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images)

Big Boi’s Response To YesJulz's Twitter Comment Deserves A Round Of Applause

“That’s disrespectful.”

Published September 12, 2019

Written by Danielle Ransom

One half of iconic hip-hop duo OutKast Big Boi and Organized Noize’s Sleepy Brown were on deck with the hosts of The Breakfast Club on Wednesday (Sept. 11) to discuss their latest collaborative effort, The Big Sleepover, and to Black Twitter’s content, the comparative controversy sparked by social media user YesJulz’s shady tweets.

Naturally, Charlamagne Tha God immediately brought up her polarizing comments regarding Big Boi within just two minutes of their conversation.

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    To jog your memory, the 26-year-old controversially tweeted out that "Earthgang is like the OutKast of this generation only with two Andre’s” on Tuesday (Sept. 10). Many hip-hop heads took offense at the perceived slight towards The Son of Chico Dusty artist and promptly reminded her that Big Boi’s legacy was not to be disrespected — especially not by the likes of a white social media influencer.

    Although Julz clarified shortly after that she meant no harm toward the ATL rapper’s artistry, they swiftly hit the cancel button on her again. 


  2. While Sleepy Brown was privy to the recent controversy, Big Boi admits that he wasn’t too familiar with what had gone down on Twitter. He got a quick rundown from his son, who phoned him out of concern when he thought his dad had died after he saw his name randomly trending. 

    "My son hit me [up],” he said, recollecting his son’s words.”’You're trending on Twitter. Some white b**ch had said something.' And I was like, 'Who? What?' He was like, 'Yeah, but they killin' that broad, man.'”


  3. Ultimately, the Grammy-winning emcee isn’t sweating her comments and issued the perfect response to anyone, YesJulz or otherwise, doubting his legacy. “When you reach god MC status, it's hard for people to see you up here in these clouds,” the 44-year-old replied breezily. 

    He added, “You just gotta pull the tape, man. Twenty-five years. I have won everything and done everything in music and personally. I'm so proud that I was able to maintain my family, my wife [and] I got three kids in college. Life is lovely.”


  4. With that said, Charlamagne piggybacked off YesJulz’s words and asked Big Boi whether he saw any similarities between his OutKast-Goodie Mob-Dungeon Family collective and the new wave of artists currently at the forefront of hip-hop.

    Although the hip-hop icon didn’t, the 44-year-old rapper preached the importance of continuously evolving sonically and knowing music history. 

    “And people should do they history so they don’t make mistakes dumb*ss statements like EarthGang is like OutKast with two ‘Dres,” Charlamagne interjected at the 23-minute mark. 

    “That’s disrespectful. That sh*t crazy.” Big Boi added.

    You can watch the 24-minute interview in full below, where the two ATL legends also discuss being managed by Queen Latifah and chop it up about their long-awaited album that is coming out in a few months. 


(Photo: Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images)


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