T.I. Shares Thoughts About This Back-To-School Anti-Gun Violence PSA

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T.I. Shares Thoughts About This Back-To-School Anti-Gun Violence PSA

“I ain’t soft hearted at all but this sh** got to me.”

Published September 19, 2019

Written by Danielle Ransom

As parents continue sending their children off to the 2019-2020 school year, the Sandy Hook Promise Foundation debuted a special “Back To School Essentials” public service announcement to highlight the new grim reality that today's students are up against: America's gun violence crisis. 

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  1. The 67-second ad, which premiered Wednesday (Sept. 18), is the latest in a series of sobering videos from the school's anti-gun advocacy group.

    The one-minute short centers on a group of kids in an ordinary middle school setting. It opens with a boy gushing over the orange zippers on his backpack before it takes a dark turn.

    As shots ring out in the background, the PSA depicts various harrowing scenarios of students using their school supplies to defend themselves against an active shooter. The clip ends with a young girl hiding out in what appears to be a bathroom as she sends an "I love you mom" text and tearfully raves about her new cell phone. In the background, a door can be heard ominously creaking open as footsteps approach. 


  2. “I ain’t soft hearted at all but this sh** got to me,” T.I. penned in response to the gut-wrenching visual on Instagram.

    “I hate [that] my kids have to grow up in such a f**ked up crazy time & place,” he continued.

    The sobering visual comes in light of recent statistics of an increase in school shootings since the devastating Sandy Hook massacre in 2012. There were more than 69 school shootings in 2019 alone.

    “WE ALL owe the next generations more. It’s US & what WE DO right now in these very moments that’ll change the trajectory of world for them...for better... or for worse,” the trap veteran proclaimed.  “When I look back with my grandkids, I wanna be able to look them in the eyes and say I did my part to create change. I’d sure hate to be stuck there standing on the wrong side of history.”


  3. Read T.I.’s heart wrenching message and view the PSA for yourself below.

    Viewer discretion is advised.

(Photo: Leon Bennett/WireImage)


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