K. Michelle Responds To Nicole Murphy’s Apology For Kissing Married Film Director, Antoine Fuqua

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K. Michelle Responds To Nicole Murphy’s Apology For Kissing Married Film Director, Antoine Fuqua

"You sat up there and embarrassed another Black woman in the front of the world.”

Published September 27, 2019

Written by BET Staff

Nicole Murphy went on Wendy Williams' eponymous talk show Tuesday morning (Sept. 24) where she spoke her side of the story for the first time since she got caught kissing Training Day director Antoine Fuqua, who has been married to Waiting to Exhale star Lela Rochon for the past 20 years. The model has been facing a lot of criticism online after photos of her and Fuqua making out in Italy leaked online this past July.

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    Nicole quickly apologized the next day as social media’s rage mounted, claiming that her and Fuqua were friends who had shared a friendly kiss upon running into each other. While sitting with Williams, Murphy apologized for her actions again, expressing regret over the situation.

    "It was a frozen-in-time thing," she told Williams. "Trust me, I wish it didn't happen. It was a moment where I should've thought more through the situation. Make better judgments. It's something I apologized for."

  2. Some weren’t convinced Murphy’s apology was sincere. K. Michelle stopped by Atlanta’s V-103 The Morning Culture where the R&B songstress had some strong words for Murphy. 

    "Nicole Murphy, you’re disgusting,” Kay began. She then launched in a heated diatribe against the 51-year-old.  “You sat on that couch and you laughed. It ain’t no moment, it’s a mess. You wrong for that. You the type of woman that let these men be evil. They gotta have some help, and women like you are that type of help. That lady’s at home, married with her kids and you know this. It [doesn't] matter what he told you. Men lie. That’s all they do.” 


  3. She continued: “You sat up there and embarrassed another Black [woman] in front of the world. You should be under a rock hiding, girl. You [were] still up there lying and [you’re] laughing and you do it to a lot of people. You have a daughter ma'am.”  

    Kay plainly stated that she doesn’t think Murphy was truly apologetic and that she was trying to use Fuqua for a “come-up.”

    As for forgiveness? Only God can be the judge of that, according to K. Michelle. 

    Watch K. Michelle’s heated response in full below 



(Photo: Paras Griffin/Getty Images)


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