Prince Estate Blasts Trump For Playing 'Purple Rain' At Minnesota Rally


Prince Estate Blasts Trump For Playing 'Purple Rain' At Minnesota Rally

The late singer’s camp says the president’s campaign reneged on a written agreement.

Published October 11th

Written by Angela Wilson

The Prince estate is calling out President Trump for playing the singer’s classic hit “Purple Rain” on Thursday (Oct. 10) during a rally in Minneapolis, which happens to be Prince’s birthplace. Playing the 1984 title track from the album of the same name, the Trump administration reportedly breached a written agreement to no longer play Prince’s music at any of their events. 

The Guardian reports Trump’s team agreed to not use any of Prince’s music last October, after they were initially rebuked for playing the same track during the 2016 U.S. presidential race.

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The Prince estate shared their criticism on Twitter Thursday evening, reiterating how the Prince camp “will never give permission to President Trump to use Prince’s songs.”

The scathing tweet included a copy of a letter from Jones Day, the law firm that represented Trump’s campaign during the 2016 presidential election, agreeing to the terms on how the POTUS “will not use Prince’s music in connection with its activities going forward."

The Prince estate has not indicated if they will take any legal action against the president or his team. 

A Trump representative did not respond to Rolling Stone’s request for comment.  

But this isn’t the first time President Trump has been called out for using music without prior approval from the artist. 

According to Complex, Rihanna, Elton John and R.E.M. have all demanded that Trump refrain from utilizing any of their music.

Last November, Rihanna’s team issued a cease-and-desist letter after Trump played "Don't Stop the Music” during a Tennessee rally on November 4, 2018. The 2008 dance track was played while free T-shirts were distributed to the crowd. 

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The beauty mogul even tweeted about Trump’s improper use of her music.

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