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Rah Digga Defends T.I., Revealing She Also Gave Her Daughter A 'Virginity Check'

Rah Digga Defends T.I., Revealing She Also Gave Her Daughter A 'Virginity Check'

The MC supported any parent’s decision to actively monitor their child’s sex life, and admitted she’s had a hymen check done on her daughter as well.

PUBLISHED ON : DECEMBER 2, 2019 / 04:41 PM

Written by Danielle Ransom

T.I. has been fielding a storm of criticism ever since his controversial comments concerning the virginity of his 18-year-daughter, Deyjah Harris. The Grand Hustle honcho’s revelation has since sparked a public conversation on women and the policing of their bodies, sex, and the misogynistic history tied to “purity tests” that has waged across social media.

Amidst the ensuing blowback, one voice has now publicly come to T.I.’s defense.

  1. On Sunday (Dec. 1), Rah Digga took to Twitter where she tweeted that she stands with T.I. This was in direct response to an article on a newly-proposed bill from New York lawmakers that would make it illegal for medical professionals to do hymen checks in the Empire state.

    “So on top of it being criminal for parents to discipline their children they're trying to make it criminal to monitor their sex lives?” she aired out on the social platform. “FOH!! I STAND WITH [Tip].”


  2. As the criticism rolled in via her mentions, the Flipmode Squad MC defended her stance as she explained her reasoning behind supporting hymen checks or any parent’s decision to actively monitor their child’s sex lives.

    “What's sick are the leaps and bounds society is taking to remove parental structuring and people justifying it. That same society won't have s**t to say when that kid comes home pregnant and abortions are illegal. That's that on that!!” she issued in response to one commentator’s concern that children should have a right to their own privacy as it relates to their sexual activity. 


  3. When one user pointed out how “purity exams” are a false measurement of one’s virginity, Rah hit back that had one done on her daughter that seemingly proved she was no longer a virgin.

    “When I found out she wasn't anymore did I berate her...No. Did I kick her out [of] the house...No. I was able to have a convo where she openly told me what it was. And I emphasized being safe. And life went on…,” she hit back.

    ICYMI: Rah has a 23-year-old daughter, Sativa.

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  4. With that point being made, another person ventured to ask why wasn’t a line of communication with her daughter wasn’t enough, to which Rah Digga responded back “nothing wrong [with] doin’ a [little] fact checking lol.” 

    FYI: The World Health Organization called for “virginity testing” to be banned as the practice has no medical standing.


  5. As commentators continued to point out the fallacy of a hymen check, Rah doubled down on her stance. She shared that the thought of her own father finding out she was sexuality active “kept [her] a virgin [until she] was 19.”

  6. In Rah’s opinion, T.I. was “expressing how he goes above and beyond to keep his kids in line” and she chalked the outrage up the fact that people are more upset at the fact that T.I. is a man taking his daughter in for this kind of medical check-up.

    “There would [probably] be zero outrage if a mother said this,” she said although she agreed, a hymen check “is next level s**t.” 

    “I truly feel sorry for the parents trying to raise children in this era. Really, I do,” she capped off in her final sentiments on the matter. Read the rest of her tweets in full below. 


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