This New Baby Yoda Rap Meme Is Taking Over Twitter

This New Baby Yoda Rap Meme Is Taking Over Twitter

In the Mandalorian’s fourth episode, Baby Yoda and the space mercenary hilariously face off over the aux cord in the internet’s latest fixation.

Published December 4, 2019

Written by Danielle Ransom

Disney’s new Star Wars-based series The Mandalorian has steadily been winning over viewers and hearts everywhere since its November premiere.

  1. In particular, Baby Yoda (as he’s been referred to by fans) has undoubtedly been the breakout star of the show’s first season since his debut in the space odyssey’s titular episode. As with anything on the internet, it wasn’t long until Baby Yoda memes began spreading around the Twitterverse with a new one seemingly cropping up after each episode. 

  2. The show’s fourth episode, which came out this past Friday (Nov. 29), did not disappoint. During the episode, we see Baby Yoda (who is free of his usual carriage) riding shotgun as the Mandalorian navigates through the galaxy aboard his spaceship.

    With the Mandalorian pre-occupied, Baby Yoda takes it upon himself to toy around with some of the buttons on the spacecraft’s dashboard, but to the annoyance of the galactic mercenary. The scene became a fan-favorite for the tender "dad" moment between the two, and then Twitter got its hands on it. 


  3. It started with the Lil Jon version that innocuously popped up over the weekend. In the newly re-imagined meme version of the scene, Yoda and the Mandalorian hilariously face off over the aux cord to give us the latest Mandalorian meme to have the internet doubling over in laughter.


  4. The meme spread quickly from there. Then came the A$AP Rocky ("F**ckin' Problem"), Khia (“My Neck, My Back”), TLC (“No Scrubs”), Juvenile (“Back That Azz Up”) and Fast Life Yungstaz aka F.L.Y. (“Swag Surfin’”) versions, among many others. There’s even a spin on Mariah Carey’s timeless Christmas classic, “All I Want For Christmas Is You.”

    Lizzo got in on the frenzy on Monday (Dec. 4), too. “Finally! I been waiting for [baby] yoda to hear my song,” she gushed in response to her uplifting bop, “Good as Hell,” being soundtracked to the meme. 


  5. Check out the best Baby Yoda memes below that simultaneously have the internet in tears and trying to drop it low. You won’t regret it. 


(Photo: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney)


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