Tekashi 6ix9ine Won’t Be Getting A Breakfast Club Interview After His Two-Year Sentence

Tekashi 6ix9ine Won’t Be Getting A Breakfast Club Interview After His Two-Year Sentence

Ahead of the rapper’s verdict, Charla and Envy said that someone from Tekashi’s team reached out for an interview.

Published December 18, 2019

Written by Danielle Ransom

Months after his federal racketeering case first began, Tekashi 6ix9ine’s highly publicized legal ordeal came to a close in court on Wednesday (Dec. 18), as his fate was finally revealed. After much deliberation, which included witness statements from two of Tekashi’s victims read before the judge, the embattled rapper will not be walking free, contrary to prior speculation.

  1. According to Inner City Press reporter Matthew Russell Lee, who was present in the courtroom during the proceedings, Tekashi has been sentenced to two years in prison and five years of supervised release.

    Furthermore, he has been ordered to complete 300 hours of community service and pay a $35,000 fine when he gets out. It’s not clear if the 13 months he’s already served will count towards his sentence.

    “You are in custody for 13 months. I agree [that] you deserve a great deal of credit for cooperation. However, I cannot agree with your counsel that time served is appropriate,” Judge Engelmayer explained. “In my judgment, your conduct is too violent and selfish to make 13 months reasonable.”

  2. Ahead of Tekashi’s sentencing, The Breakfast Club crew deliberated over whether or not they would be giving the embattled rapper a platform once the dust settled. Charlamagne Tha God and DJ Envy said that someone from Tekashi’s team had separately called them to set up a one-on-one interview in anticipation of his release. Envy outright stated that he “[doesn't] want to do it” for moral reasons even though he thinks Tekashi is a “nice kid.”


  3. “I feel like he used his gang affiliation to make himself hot,” Envy said. "When it didn’t necessarily work for [him], [he] decided to tell on everyone that [he] was just riding [with]...[he] turned on everybody. [He’d] get released and [be] rewarded for it? I just don't necessarily think it's a message that I want to do. I don't want to promote to kids that you go wild and do some stupid ish, and you just go tell on the people you've done [it with], and all of a sudden you come out and can put out records and it's all cool," Charlamagne said. 

    “When we sit down with someone, it has to either entertain, educate, or possibly both. Would it be entertaining? I’m sure it would be,” the South Carolina radio veteran said. “But, I think it could absolutely send the wrong message. There’s a lot of miseducation in that 6ix9ine situation. Like [Envy] said, Tekashi was out here wylin’, pretending to be a gang member, ordering hits on people… we all know that story.”

  4. Charla continued, “It doesn’t feel like it’s been any accountability on his part and it would be irresponsible to empower that dysfunction. It’s the same dysfunction that the label has invested money in…and I don’t want to be a part of any of that.”

    Playing devil’s advocate, Angela Yee felt it would be worthwhile to hear Tekashi’s “redemption story.” Charla agreed with her take but felt if that's the case, then Tekashi needs to show some accountability for his actions first before trying to resume his rap career.

    “That young man has a target on his back right now, and I'm sure there's people who want to kill him," he said. "He needs to come home and figure out his life. He needs to figure out who he is as a man before he jumps back into the character of 6ix9ine. Daniel Hernandez has to do some soul searching before he gets back into the character of 6ix9ine. And until he does that, I don't think I want any part of that."


  5. Listen to The Breakfast Club’s 12-minute discussion in full below

(Photo: The Breakfast Club)


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