Future Calls Woman ‘Mad Corny’ After She Posts Proof He Slid In Her DMs

ATLANTA, GEORGIA - FEBRUARY 02: Future performs at The Maxim Big Game Experience at The Fairmont on February 02, 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Jerritt Clark/Getty Images for Maxim )

Future Calls Woman ‘Mad Corny’ After She Posts Proof He Slid In Her DMs

He’s good luv.

Published October 12th

Written by Paul Meara

A fan of Future’s made headlines earlier this week when she tweeted a screenshot that the Atlanta rapper reacted to her Instagram Story with a heart eyes emoji. The account @coconutwwater captioned her tweet “It’s official I’m a BAD B***H.”

This led to rumors that Future had a potential love interest and maybe a new boo. Well, he’s here to let everyone know that that is definitely not the case.

Taking to his own IG story, Future Hendrix shared — and then deleted — a screenshot of his private conversation with the young woman, in which he asks her to take down the post because it looked “mad corny.”

The woman replied by saying she never implied she and the rapper were in a relationship, and simply was excited he acknowledged her.

“Idgaf what they saying bout me tf I can’t get happy ? You acting like I said you was tryna f**k I was just happy you acknowledged my pic that’s all I’m not even tryna spread fake ass rumors,” she wrote, according to the DM.

Continuing in his IG Story, Future said he’s done interacting with fans on the social media app: “I’m not commenting under a fan pic or liking a fan pic I’m not reacting to stories..this trolling internet s**t is for people like u not me,” he wrote in red letters.

“Blogs over react to everything,” he concluded. “I dnt lie and I’m single…what’s the problem??”

Looks like Future’s single, but just not ready to mingle with any of his fans. See what all went down below.

Photo: Jerritt Clark/Getty Images for Maxim


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