Cardi B Delivers A Powerful Message In Support of Zaya Wade

Cardi B Delivers A Powerful Message In Support of Zaya Wade

“I feel like a lot of people are forgetting that this is a 12-year-old kid…”

Published February 24, 2020

Written by Danielle Ransom

Cardi B is the latest celebrity to come forward and speak out in support of Dwyane Wade’s 12-year-old transgender child, Zaya Wade

  1. Dwyane recently appeared on The Ellen Degeneres Show where he opened up about him and his wife, actress Gabrielle Union, standing in support of Zaya. While their decision has been largely met with an outpouring of support, others were not so understanding. Baton Rouge rapper Boosie BadAzz and Atlanta trapstar Young Thug recently came under fire after they voiced their disapproval of the Wade family’s parenting and Zaya’s choice. Boosie fired off that the former Miami Heat point guard had gone too far while Thugger wrote in a since-deleted tweet, “All I wanna say to [D.Wade] son is 'GOD DON'T MAKE MISTAKES.'

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  2. Amid the ensuing backlash over their remarks, Cardi went on Instagram Live where she defended the Wade family and spoke up in support of Zaya on Friday (Feb. 22). “I feel like a lot of people are forgetting that this is a 12-year-old kid, that before you say your opinions and everything, let’s not forget that this is a kid. Let’s not forget that this kid could be very, very sensitive,” she reminded people. The Bronx-bred rapper then addressed people who felt that Zaya is too young to determine her own gender identity.

    “If you are born thinking you are a girl in a boy’s body, how old do you have to be to keep knowing that that’s who you are? That’s your identity. If that’s how you feel that you are, what is the age limit to know what you want to be?” she posed to the Wade family’s critics. “Let people find their happiness, especially kids. Let them feel comfortable doing what they want to be. A lot of trans [people] that I know around me, when I asked when did you know that you wanted to change. And they said 'I always felt like I was a girl, like I was born like this.” 


  3. “People are born like that. Like the Lady Gaga song, ‘I Was Born This Way’...that s**t is f**king real,” Cardi continued. In her closing sentiments, the Grammy-winning artist acknowledged that “when you hold a secret, it just feels like such a burden.”

    “You might as well be free and let it out,” she concluded. “And while you are free and letting it out and telling the truth, why not educate. That's how I feel. Speak your truth. Speak it and educate.”

    Listen to Cardi’s B poignant words below. 


(Photo L-R: Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images and Taylor Hill/FilmMagic)


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