Saudi Rapper Ayasel Slay Is Wanted By Police For Rhyming About Her Hometown

Photo Taken In Mecca, Saudi Arabia

Saudi Rapper Ayasel Slay Is Wanted By Police For Rhyming About Her Hometown

Officials say she “offends the customs and traditions” of Mecca.

Published February 25, 2020

A woman rapper from Saudi Arabia is wanted by police in her homeland for posting a song about her hometown of Mecca.

According to Al Jazeera, officials in the Islamic holy city claim Ayasel Slay is offending the “customs and traditions” of Mecca after she posted a music video on YouTube.

The song by Slay is called “Girl from Mecca” and it boasts about the rapper being from the historic city while a group of dancers dance around her in a coffee shop.

A lot of the song’s lyrics compliment women from Mecca and claim they make good wives for Muslim men.

Apparently, these positive messages offended Mecca’s governor, who is reportedly seeking the prosecution of those involved with producing the video, which was removed from YouTube after it debuted last week.

“Prince Khalid bin Faisal of Mecca has ordered the arrest of those responsible for the 'Bint Mecca’ rap song, which offends the customs and traditions of the people of Mecca and contradicts the identity and traditions of its esteemed population,” Mecca authorities wrote in a (translated) tweet.

  1. However, not everyone feels that Slay is sending the wrong message. Several supporters have taken to social media to condemn her arrest and support her as a burgeoning leader in women’s rights.

Photo: Doaa Shalaby / EyeEm


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