Jermaine Dupri Clarifies The Inspiration Behind Usher’s ‘Confessions Part 3’

Jermaine Dupri Clarifies The Inspiration Behind Usher’s ‘Confessions Part 3’

“I see y’all trippin…”

Published February 27, 2020

Written by Danielle Ransom

It seems Usher has more confessions to get off his chest. But, unfortunately, not in a way that wasn’t well-received by the internet.

  1. The R&B singer is gearing up for the release of the long-awaited third installment of his Confessions album series. Ahead of the project’s release, Usher teased a new song during a recent performance at Live from the Cricket Lounge. A 30-second snippet of his stage made its way to social media and the Internet attempted to decipher what Usher was singing about, who mysteriously made a reference to a possible pregnancy and abortion. 

    However, others had a drastically different take. Some fans interpreted that he might’ve been addressing his alleged herpes diagnosis. As you’ll recall, Usher was sued by a woman who accused him of infecting her with the sexually-transmitted disease in 2017.

  2. On the new track, Usher sings “I remember that time I was sitting up sick, couldn’t sleep in the middle of the night / You said bae let me take you to the ER, I said ‘Nah I’mma be alright. Well, the next day I found out from f**king around that the sickness I had was life. And I was fixed with the decision to keep it, knowing I had to get rid of, rid of, live with it.”

    He continued, “He don’t know. You don’t know. I had to deal with it. You thought what you put me on for part two was the realest s**t. It ain’t right. I ain’t proud. I won’t cry. I can’t hide. But when it was you, I was strong. Now it's you, what you gon’ do? I would do anything to get your trust back.”

  3. However, Jermaine Dupri responded to fan speculation on Twitter where he cleared up any confusion over the lyrics. Dupri, who worked closely with Usher on Confessions 3, clarified that the song is “from a female’s perspective,” contrary to initial beliefs.

    “The song is about a girl cheating’ on him and getting’ pregnant by another man. She is then being stuck with the decision to keep or abort it,” he explained, adding that the crux of the song is “Now that he knows, should he stay or leave???” 

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    Despite JD’s clarification, see what other theories fans have come up with about the lyric’s meaning below: 


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