Michelle Williams Revealed This About Her Infamous Fall On '106 & Park' And Fans Are Dying Laughing

Michelle Williams Revealed This About Her Infamous Fall On '106 & Park' And Fans Are Dying Laughing

We stan a bounce back queen!

Published February 28, 2020

Written by Danielle Ransom

Destiny’s Child’s Michelle Williams has kept it candid on her Twitter account as of late, joining in on the fun with her followers and sharing more insight on her musical career. 

  1. On Thursday (Feb. 27), she shared a fun fact about one of the most memorable moments of the R&B super girl group during their appearance on 106 & Park. As DC fans everywhere will recall, the trio was performing one of their classics, “Soldier,” when Michelle took a tumble onstage during the live show. In 2020, a recent bump to Michelle’s shin conjured up the hilarious stage blooper, as she revealed to the Twitterverse. 


  2. “Chile, you ever hit your shin on the base of your bed? That ole sharp corner on my bed....let the devil use em OR was it just me? We blame the devil on EVERYTHING! Sheesh my shin is bleeding y’all!” she shared with her social followers. In a second tweet, she revealed that “every bruise on my lower leg is from when I hit my shin or from when I fell on 106 & Park.”


    Though the moment might have been embarrassing for Michelle back then, fans are reminding her that there’s no shame in her battle scars and praised her for bouncing back and keeping the show going. “And yet you still jumped straight back up and carried on like the consummate professional you are. We love Michelle!” one user replied. “Girl you popped back up and fell right into that dip-a-doo step!” another fan said.

    “Fax!!!” Michelle responded. 

    Most importantly, a third fan reminded her, “YOU GOT PAID!!!!!!”

  3. As for fans wondering why she decided to bring up the subject, she pointed out that some DC fans have made her the butt of #PoorMichelle jokes for years, so she thought she’d have some fun as well. 

  4. Either way, Michelle is unbothered. In a 2014 interview with TIME, the songstress looked back on the moment and shared how she moved on from it. 

    “That was 10 years ago, I'm over it,” she said. “Really great things have happened since then for me, but because of YouTube and stuff like that, it lives on forever. Regardless of what people think or say about me, I am always blessed. The fact that people sit and search for this stuff, I am on your mind day and night. So I thank you so much for making me relevant every single day... Thank you so much, my accounts are bigger because of you.”

    Nonetheless, Michelle Williams is still laughing the moment off with her fans. Check out their interactions below:


(Photo: YouTube)


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