Hitmaka Responds Amid Reports Of Alleged Pistol-Whipping Assault On Woman: ‘I Could’ve Been Murdered Inside My Home’

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Hitmaka Responds Amid Reports Of Alleged Pistol-Whipping Assault On Woman: ‘I Could’ve Been Murdered Inside My Home’

“I made a crucial mistake which could’ve cost my life. This woman was not my GF ever…”

Published March 17th

Written by Danielle Ransom

Yung Berg, who now goes by Hitmaka, is speaking out with his side of the story after reports emerged earlier this week alleging that he reportedly pistol-whipped a woman he was speculated to be dating.

  1. At the time, the police report (per The Blast) stated that Hitmaka and his alleged victim were at a private residence in Los Angeles when the two got into a verbal dispute before Hitmaka hit her with a pistol multiple times. The purported victim turned up at Cedars Sinai Hospital with a broken nose and other injuries which led to the LAPD opening an investigation into the matter.

    However, Hitmaka is now disputing those versions of events. Taking to his Instagram on Tuesday (March 17), the songwriter and producer shared a statement from his defense attorney along with surveillance footage explaining his side of the story.

  2. Hitmaka claimed that he’d acted in self-defense and was set up in what he believes was an attempted home invasion and robbery. According to his lawyer’s statements, two armed assailants snuck onto his property while a third acted as a lookout. Hitmaka’s lawyers asserted that the robbers were working in tandem with the woman previously and falsely reported as his girlfriend, who they believe abetted the men in the attempted robbery. 

    Hitmaka reportedly obtained the phone of the woman where he allegedly saw communication with the culprits via text and a shared location. Thus, his lawyers believe this is proof that she was an accessory in the attempted home invasion.

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    Fortunately, the culprits were deterred by Hitmaka’s security system, and he’s since turned over his evidence and surveillance footage to the Los Angeles Police Department as they get to the bottom of the case. 

    In another Instagram post, Hitmaka also included footage showing the masked assailants on his property. “I have all the surveillance footage which some I’m posting & also other evidence needed,” he wrote. “I retained legal [counsel] & decided that with this matter which I’m totally traumatized about that I must let the truth out as media outlets without having proper info are attempting to stain my character and reputation that I have spent my entire life building.” 

    He thanked his friends and family for reaching out with support, adding that he “could’ve been murdered inside [his] home” had things taken a worser turn. 

    “To all my fellow people in music & living in [the] Los Angeles area, pls be safe and monitor who you allow in your home,” he wrote. “I made a crucial mistake which could’ve cost my life. THIS WOMAN WAS NOT MY GF EVER. I won’t dive further into this & will let my lawyers move forward accordingly. Pls stay safe amidst these tragic times.” 

    Read his statement in full below:


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