Kodak Black Calls Out Megan Thee Stallion Over ‘Drive The Boat’ Catchphrase In Now-Deleted Post

Kodak Black Calls Out Megan Thee Stallion Over ‘Drive The Boat’ Catchphrase In Now-Deleted Post

Fans are digging up an old video of Kodak to foot their claims.

Published March 19th

Written by Danielle Ransom

Kodak Black may be currently incarcerated, but that doesn’t mean his ear isn’t still glued to the internet streets. 

  1. Earlier this week, the Florida rapper shared a clip from Megan Thee Stallion’s recent appearance on ABC’s daytime talk show, Strahan, Sara, and Keke, where the Houston rap star played a quick round of trivia.

    For one of the questions, Keke Palmer asked her fellow co-anchors, “Which hip-hop star created the catchphrase ‘Drive the boat’ and what does it mean?” Michael supplied Megan’s name, to which Keke responded, “Ok, but you need to finish the answer. What does it mean?” The retired football star iterated that he couldn’t expound on the exact meaning of the term since they were on daytime television but it had to do with the consumption of a certain kind of beverage. Keke was satisfied with his response. “Michael, you’re right. It’s about consumption and [Megan’s] the originator of it.” While Megan didn’t take credit as the originator of the phrase, she did not deny Keke’s claims. 


  2. It appears Kodak caught wind of the segment, however, and it doesn’t seem to sit right with him. The “No Flockin” rapper actually believes he’s owed the credit for making the catchphrase one of pop culture’s hottest phrases. “I really wanna go bad on lil one, but I’m keeping this s**t pretty,” Kodak captioned in a since-deleted Instagram post addressing Meg’s moment on the show. A clip backing up his claim to the term has also resurfaced. In the clip, which previously went viral for its comedic value, Kodak is riding in a boat when he says, “Let me drive the boat.” 

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    While some have brushed off his claim, fans of Kodak feel that he might be onto something.

    “Kodak made no flocking which Cardi remixed. Kodak started the broccoli thing, then DRAM made broccoli. Kodak started ‘drive the boat,’ now it’s Megan’s trademark,” one user pointed out on Twitter. “Please give him credit where it’s due.”

    However, others noted that Megan’s catchphrase has a different meaning than Kodak’s. Some even noted that the phrase has been widely used throughout the South for some time. 

    “His was a phrase. Meg’s is a movement. [Two] different things,” a one user chimed in.

    “Kodak was not talking about alcohol when he said “drive the boat” that nigga wanted to drive an actual boat lmao Megan is the one who turned it into what it means today lol,” a second noted. 

    See the other arguments that fans are positioning for the true originator of the phrase between the Hot Girl and Kodak below: 

  4. Team Kodak
  5. Team Megan

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