Boosie Receives Instagram Account Suspension Warning After His X-Rated Instagram Live Activity

DETROIT, MICHIGAN - JANUARY 18: Recording Artist Lil Boosie performs onstage during the Hip Hop Smackdown concert at the Fox Theatre on January 18, 2020 in Detroit, Michigan. (Photo by Aaron J. Thornton/Getty Images)

Boosie Receives Instagram Account Suspension Warning After His X-Rated Instagram Live Activity

Boosie also had this major ask for his fans.

Published March 26th

Written by Danielle Ransom

It was all fun and games for Boosie just a few days ago. But now, the Baton Rouge MC  has found himself in hot water for his Instagram posts. This time, it’s with the account managers of the social platform itself. 

  1. Like many other celebrities, Boosie has turned to social media to keep himself and his fans entertained amid the coronavirus pandemic. While other musicians have mostly kept their entertainment in the music realm, Boosie's side of the Internet has been much more off-the-rails, to say the least. The “Wipe Me Down” rapper’s Instagram Live debauchery has ascended through viral status to the amusement of his fans. Some of his followers even believe other artists, like Tory Lanez, might’ve taken some inspiration from him for their Instagram Live interactions. 

  2. Instagram caught wind of Boosie’s explicit content, and the company is putting its foot down. On Wednesday (March 25), Boosie took to the platform where he shared bad news for those equally invested in his raunchy live sessions.

    “The reason I ain’t QTB yet is because Instagram told me they gon’ take my Instagram if they see anymore nudity,” Boosie lamentably announced to his  7 million followers. “I just DM’d...hit em back in the email, and asked them if y’all can just dance and shake that a**, you know what I’m saying? I’m waiting on that response so that’s what we waiting on for QTB.”

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  3. Additionally, Boosie had a specific request for his fans. He called on anyone to get in touch with him who’s a nail technician local to Atlanta for help pampering his baby girls. 

    “My little girl feet f**ked up. So, if you do nails or feet, I need you to DM me now with your number so you can come to the house, and do all my little girl feet and get em’ pampered. They need it. We been in the house and need someone to come over. You welcome to come over.”   

    Listen to Boosie’s sentiments below: 


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    NAIL TEC N ATL dm @_munchieb_

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