Boosie’s 2024 Presidential Campaign Flyer Has The Internet Crying Laughing

MIAMI, FL - SEPTEMBER 17: Boosie Badazz, formerly Lil Boosie onstage performs during the Kings of the Streets Tour at James L. Knight Center on September 17, 2016 in Miami, Florida. (Photo by Johnny Louis/WireImage)

Boosie’s 2024 Presidential Campaign Flyer Has The Internet Crying Laughing

“It’s official I’m running 2024 no [cap]…”

Published April 1st

Written by BET Staff

Toronto rapper-singer Tory Lanez might’ve usurped Boosie for the unofficial title of King of Instagram Live after the account managers of the social platform cracked down on the Baton Rouge rapper for his raunchy live sessions.

  1. Nonetheless, Boosie has hilariously set his sights on the highest seat in the land of America. Though the 2020 presidential election isn’t until November, Boosie made it known he is already eyeing a 2024 campaign. On Tuesday (March 31), the rapper took to his Instagram page where he announced his intentions to run for president, jokingly as many presume. Boosie posted a mock-up of himself in a suit preceded by a sign that reads “Boosie For President 2024” in white block letters. “It’s official. I’m running 2024 no [cap] just talk to my people‼️” Boosie captioned the photoshopped image. 

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  2. The Internet is dying from laughter at the prospect of Boosie leading the nation, although a number of users are shoring up their support behind him. “Boosie talking about he running for President in 2024. I’m voting for [him] b**ch.” One fan’s reminder, however, is humbling his political aspirations before they ever get off the ground. “Who gonna tell Boosie felons can’t run for President,” one user pointed out on Twitter. 

    Check out the best reactions to Boosie’s declaration below: 


(Photo: Johnny Louis/WireImage)


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