NBA Youngboy And Kodak Black Exchange Vicious War Of Words Amid Yaya Mayweather’s Arrest

NBA Youngboy And Kodak Black Exchange Vicious War Of Words Amid Yaya Mayweather’s Arrest

Kodak believes there was foul play on NBA Youngboy’s part after claims that he’d “cooperated” with police during his 19-year-old girlfriend’s arrest.

Published April 6th

Written by Danielle Ransom

Things took a turn for the worse between currently incarcerated Floridian Kodak Black and Baton Rouge’s NBA Youngboy after the two rappers clashed this weekend.

  1. Their beef started after Kodak inserted himself into the middle of Youngboy’s legal dilemma following reports that his self-proclaimed “wife,” Iyanna “Yaya” Mayweather, was arrested for allegedly stabbing the mother of his child in his home over the weekend. 

    Kodak, who is currently incarcerated on numerous felony charges, took to social media where he took a swipe at NBA Youngboy. A gossip blog, Gossipofthecity, claimed that NBA Youngboy “fully cooperated” with the police once Yaya was arrested. It was later clarified that the 20-year-old rapper cooperated with the police by not interfering with their investigation.

  2. In a since-deleted Instagram post, Kodak clowned the rapper. “This S**t Got It Looking Like If It Was Some Otha’ S**t, You’ll Tell Something...Make Like [You] Was Scared Dem People Was Gone Try Charge [You With] It Or Something So [You] SCREAMED.”

    In response, NBA Youngboy unleashed a fiery, expletive-laden rant on Instagram. “I ain’t never pay attention to no n***a, especially from no m**herf***ing cell, n***a. The f**k a n***a watchin’ me fo? N***a saying I cooperated. For what? You stupid, b***h?” he shouts as he’s seen walking through his home. He then enters the room where Yaya appears to be sleeping, beckoning for her to wake up and appear on the camera. Youngboy sits on the bed in front of her and continues to rant that he’s never taken a dime from her or her “b**tch a** daddy.”

    “You talking about my wife inside my house that I paid for? Not her b***h a** daddy! I ain’t never accepted not one thing from her in my life. Why? Because y’all be playing with me like I need a girl for something. I ain’t never asked her for nothing.” NBA Youngboy continues. “Why the f**k you even watching me? You supposed to be a gangsta though but you watching me from jail.” 

  3. On the contrary, fans resurfaced an old clip of NBA Youngboy expressing nothing but support for Kodak in the midst of their back-and-forth. In the footage, Youngboy also shared that he was open to collaborating with Kodak once he was released from jail and teased that they have “so many songs” ready to drop.

    Meanwhile, Kodak fired back at NBA Youngboy in another Instagram post where he claimed that the rapper copies his every move. He posted a side-by-side comparison of NBA Youngboy doing the same hand symbol as him. Kodak further accused him of having his manager clean up the snitching allegations. 

    Kodak’s response prompted a final hit back from Youngboy’s side, which came in the form of an old news report regarding the “Tunnel Vision” rapper’s legal activity amid his arrest. His close friend and rap associate BBG Baby Joe dug up a 2019 TMZ report that revealed Kodak cooperated with the prosecutors overseeing his case in exchange for a lighter sentence. “Oh yeah, you proved you a b**ch, you clout chasing now. You can’t get no more attention,” NBA Youngboy declared on his Instagram stories. “You ain’t no gangster.

    See the entire exchange and the Internet's reaction to it below: 


(Photos from left: Cooper Neill/Getty Images, John Parra/Getty Images)


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