50 Cent Responds To Ja Rule’s Instagram Live Battle Challenge

50 Cent Responds To Ja Rule’s Instagram Live Battle Challenge

The moment we’ve all been waiting for.

Published April 14th

Written by BET Staff

Ja Rule set the Internet ablaze after propositioning a Verzuz between himself and his hip-hop rap nemesis, 50 Cent.

  1. Almost instantaneously, the Internet was swept up in a debate as to who would come out on top in the off-chance that the two rappers go head for head. The Murder Inc. rapper assured a reluctant Swizz Beat that he would “behave” and just play his hits. Swizz did seem to consider the opportunity and passed along to Ja that he and Timbaland would look into the matter, although he held off on guaranteeing Ja a spot on the battle roster.

  2. It didn’t take long for the conversation to get back to Fifty and it appears the G-Unit honcho has other thoughts. In his usual fashion, Fifty took to his Instagram page where he shared his sentiments on the matter. 

    In his first post, the hip-hop mogul posted the infamous gif of himself peeling off in a white convertible while laughing. The accompanying caption read, “who want to battle,” alongside a laughing emoji. He got in an extra jab at Ja, writing, “Here’s a moment of silence for [those] still sick and suffering.”

    Fifty didn’t stop there. In a second post, he posted a meme of his longtime rival’s face photoshopped onto a homeless person holding a cardboard. The message on the cardboard read, “I will battle 50 Cent for attention” with a cup sitting next to him holding dollar bills. For good measure, he wrote “Stupid #fryfestival,” in the post’s caption with an eyeball emoji, referencing Ja’s disastrously-planned business venture that failed so spectacularly it was the subject of not just one, but two documentaries.

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    Well, that’s certainly one way to settle the matter.

    Check out 50 Cent’s posts below:

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