Fabolous Responds To 2 Chainz's Instagram Live Battle Challenge: ‘You Can’t Pick Your Own Battle’

Fabolous Responds To 2 Chainz's Instagram Live Battle Challenge: ‘You Can’t Pick Your Own Battle’

“Why wouldn’t [2 Chainz] go against Jeezy or Future?”

Published April 14th

Written by BET Staff

Swizz Beatz and Timbaland’s ‘Verzuz’ Instagram Live battles have taken off like wildfire across the Internet. In just a few short weeks, their content has grown to become some of the most-watched content on the social platform amid the coronavirus pandemic. With its increasing popularity, music lovers have been tossing out the names of some of their favorite artists that would like to see enter the ring.

Everyone from the likes of Jay-Z, LL Cool J, Missy Elliott, Ludacris, and Nelly among other names have been at the top of hip-hop head’s minds. Recently, 2 Chainz decided to insert his name into the mix and issued a challenge to Fabolous, Meek Mill, and French Montana to face off against him.

  1. Meek ultimately declined, but Fab weighed in with his thoughts during his recent appearance on Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club. When DJ Envy and Charlamagne Tha God asked Fab if he would be down to participate in a match, he didn’t seem opposed to the idea. “It would be cool. I didn’t see my name come up that much. I saw my name come up with 2 Chainz,” he said. Although, he did add “I didn’t like that 2 Chainz s**t because he was kind of like picking his battle a little bit. Like, you can’t pick your battle.” 


  2. Angela Yee corrected Fab that artists and musicians can challenge each other, and that it’s up to the individual to accept or decline the invite. Fab replied that he wasn’t aware the other battles resulted from “somebody calling somebody out,”  but he still felt that the decisions should come down to the people’s vote or Swizz and Timb. He also brought up a post of 2 Chainz’s where he appeared to “exclude himself” from other Atlanta rap artists. 

    “Why wouldn’t [2 Chainz] go against Jeezy or Future? They’re trap rappers. They’re of your genre and era. I just don’t like the ‘pick the fight’ type of thing,” Fab clarified. He also noted out how participant’s can tilt the match in their favor just by looking up possible opponent’s catalogs before a match has even been organized. 

    “One thing with the battles, I think it needs to be an even playing field of the two people battling,” Fab added. “You can’t just throw Jay-Z vs. Bow Wow….I think [2 Chainz] music is in a different direction that my music.”

    He then pointed to T-Pain’s initial match-up with Scott Storch as an example of an imbalanced pairing. Swizz and Timb swapped him out for Mannie Fresh after they got some online feedback.

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  3. Later in the interview, Fab made it clear that he hasn’t nothing but love and respect for his brother-in-rhyme. It’s just that he doesn’t feel that 2 Chainz has the same “caliber” of records. “To be honest, I don’t have trap caliber records, [either]... It’s not me tooting my own horn. I love Chainz. I love what he does. I think he can rap,” Fab acknowledged. 

    Nonetheless, if he and 2 Chainz were to go head-to-head, Fab didn’t hesitate to choose himself as the apparent victor. 

    Listen to Fabolous’ full interview with The Breakfast Club below:


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