Lizzo Addresses Diddy’s Backlash After He Objected To Her Twerking On His Instagram Live

Lizzo Addresses Diddy’s Backlash After He Objected To Her Twerking On His Instagram Live

The “Truth Hurts” artist shared her thoughts on the matter with Tory Lanez on his wildly-popular Instagram Live show, Quarantine Radio.

Published April 14th

Written by Danielle Ransom

Bad Boy Records mogul Diddy found himself in hot water online after his Instagram Live dance-a-thon that he purposed for coronavirus relief efforts on Sunday (April 12), and it appears one of the two people involved in the controversy has addressed his backlash.

  1. To jog your memory, the Twitterverse was up in arms after clips surfaced suggesting differential treatment toward Lizzo and former Basketball Wives star Draya Michele. During the “Truth Hurts” artist’s livestream with Diddy and his family, he shut down her impromptu twerk session in the name of “family-friendly” viewership. 

    However, when Draya appeared on the livestream later that same evening, Diddy had a markedly different response as she danced along to Juvenile’s “Back That Azz Up.” Backlash ensued once the clips made their rounds on the Internet. With the clips gaining traction online, the Bad Boy mogul took to his Instagram Stories where he explained why he objected to Lizzo’s twerk down. 

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  2. On Monday night (April 13), Lizzo later addressed the previous night’s situation when she appeared on Tory Lanez’s newly-resurrected Quarantine Radio. “Lemme say it for the people,” Tory prefaced. “Diddy did not stop Lizzo from twerking last night. He just wanted her to say something about the medical people first. I just want to say that first.” He then gave the floor to Lizzo for her to address the controversy. 

  3. “The music was explicit,” the ‘Truth Hurts’ rapstress reiterated. “He didn’t want songs about stuff I did saying [explicit things and cursing] being played around children.” 

    Tory chimed in to say that “ we understood there [were] guidelines yesterday” and that “I don’t want nobody ever saying that Lizzo was canceled from twerking.” Afterward, the Chixxtape artist hyped Lizzo up to resume her twerking on his non-PG-13 broadcast instead. 

    Listen to the exchange below: 


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