Jay-Z Tripping Up Over A Question In Throwback Nardwuar Clip Has Fans In Tears

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Jay-Z Tripping Up Over A Question In Throwback Nardwuar Clip Has Fans In Tears

“My name is Jay-Z, yes...”

Published April 24th

Written by BET Staff

It’s not everyday we see Jay-Z get tripped up over a question but leave it to Canadian internet personality Nardwuar to throw the New York rap icon for a loop.

  1. A hip-hop fan account on Twitter uploaded a throwback clip on Thursday (April 23) from an interview Jay-Z did with Nardwuar back in 2009 at the Pemberton Music Festival in British Columbia, Canada.

    The clip opens with Narduwar explaining how Pharrell helped him land the interview, a point Hov was quick to bring up when the two finally met. “Pharrell was calling [me] a hundred times,” he told Nardwuar. “He said your knowledge is extensive and he knows I appreciate people no matter what you do...if you good at your craft, he knows I’m excited by that type of s**t. He wanted me to meet you so here we are.”

  2. To start the interview off, Nardwuar asked Hov to introduce himself to his audience. “Who are you?” he posed.

    “I’m a young man from [the] Marcy projects who really made that thing that they say [is] the American Dream come true,” Hov said, philosophically. “I’m not supposed to be here speaking to you, you know? There’s a lot of people that come from where I come. There’s a lot of skilled people who come from where I come who are not here right now.” 

    “You are Jay-Z,” Nardwuar supplied in response, which threw Hov off. 

    “Oh, I thought you meant who am I. I thought it was a deeper question. My name is Jay-Z, yes,” a confused Hov said, with an awkward chuckle.

    “Jay-Z thought Nardwuar was trying to be deep,” the Twitter user captioned the clip with a crying emoji.

  3. Fans are dying from laughter over the innocent misrepresentation. 

    “Me at a job interview,” one fan joked on Twitter.

    “‘l thought it was a deeper question’...Sag energy,” a second person commented.

    “Still one of my favorite clips from [Jay-Z’s [Nardwuar interview],” read another tweet.

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    See the fumble and how Twitter is reliving it below:

(Photo: Shareif Ziyadat/Getty Images)


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