Here’s How Cam’Ron Shot ‘Medellin’ Music Video At Pablo Escobar’s Estate

Here’s How Cam’Ron Shot ‘Medellin’ Music Video At Pablo Escobar’s Estate

The opportunity fell into his lap after he found out he had this connection to the drug lord.

Published May 14th

Written by BET Staff

Cam’Ron recently dropped a video for his new track, “Medellin,” from his latest Purple Haze 2 project, that brings the track to life --- literally. 

  1. The video opens with Cam hanging out with Roberto Escober, co-founder of the Medellín cartel and brother of the notorious drug lord Pablo Escobar. In an interview with Complex, Cam explained how the music video came together. A mutual friend who was fairly close to Roberto connected the two and, naturally, the opportunity presented itself.

  2. “I had a friend who was cool with Roberto Escobar. Roberto has been trying to get with rappers for a while, and it just happened,” Cam told the digital publication. “I said, ‘Well, let's put it together.’ It really wasn't that hard. It kind of fell in my lap. Maybe two months later, he got all the particulars together, and we went out there and shot the video.”

    The New York rap veteran was nothing short of amazed by the whole experience. 

    “He showed us a bunch of hospitality, a bunch of love,” Cam said of his meeting with Escobar, whose infamous brother was killed in 1993 in a shootout with the National Police of Columbia. “We had a scene to shoot at his house. Then we went to Pablo Escobar's house — they turned it to a museum — and gave us a bunch of gifts before we left. He treated us really well. To be honest, it didn't really sink in until I left: "Oh s**t. We just was really at Pablo Escobar's house with Roberto Escobar.”

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