Ludacris Addresses His R. Kelly Lyric Shared in IG Battle With Nelly

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Ludacris Addresses His R. Kelly Lyric Shared in IG Battle With Nelly

The MC said his bars were “misconstrued” by critics.

Published May 20th

Written by BET Staff

Ludacris has given his thoughts on fan’s reaction to his lyrics on an unreleased track that name-drops disgraced R&B singer R. Kelly.

  1. However, Luda caught some flack online after he previewed a snippet of a new single “The Silence of the Lambs,” featuring Lil Wayne, to the hundreds of thousands of viewers on the livestream. 

    In the lyrics in question, the Atlanta OG rapped about being a fan of R. Kelly but not wanting him around his daughters.

    The world screwed if n****s pouring drinks like Bill Huxtable / I love R. Kelly, but around my daughters I’m not comfortable,” he rapped at the beginning of the song.

  2. Opinions were divided across social media over his bars.

    “If you're triggered by that R. Kelly bar from Ludacris, turn off the battle and stfu,” one user commented on Twitter. “Hip Hop ain't for you.”

    “Not Ludacris saying ‘I love R.kelly but around my daughters I'm uncomfortable’....please put that song on the shelf and don't ever release it,” a second person wrote. 

  3. Ludacris later appeared on Atlanta radio station V103 where he commented on the lyrics in question.

    “Sometimes when you speak on records, you speaking like it’s just me and you having a conversation as friends. But, you just speaking and just being honest,” the Atlanta native said to Big Tigger. “I saw that a lot of people kind of misconstrued or didn't really understand what it was that I was saying.”

    Ludacris then asked Tig what he thought he meant with his lyrics. “Knowing you, you probably meant, ‘I love his music and what he brought to the table, but I’m a father of daughters and you not going to be around my daughters,’” the radio veteran replied.

    Luda confirmed that was all he was simply trying to say. 

    Check out Ludacris’ comments below:

(Photo: John Parra/Getty Images for The Stronach Group)


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