BET Check-In: Here Are The Songs That Keep The Positive Vibes Flowing

BET Check-In: Here Are The Songs That Keep The Positive Vibes Flowing

Times may be tough, but the BET Staff stays motivated with these inspiring tunes.

Published May 28th

Written by Danielle Ransom

It’s probably been a little difficult to stay motivated and on top of all that life is throwing at you these days with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic still very much at the forefront of our minds. Many of us are stuck in this weird limbo dealing with the anxiety of not knowing when it will be safe to do normal things again.There’s a lot that can weigh heavy and get in the way of your WFH progress.  

In the midst of these unprecedented times, music is typically the one source that keeps us going. Just look at the unparalleled success of Swizz Beatz and Timbaland’s highly-popular Verzuz IG musical celebrations. Their platform has brought us joy, solace, and most importantly, community. 

As we close out Mental Health Awareness month, a few of the members of the BET Digital team share the songs that keep our energy up and our optimism high during these tough times. We hope it does the same for you.

  1. ‘Optimistic’ by Sounds of Blackness.

    No matter what you may be going through.....Always remember to be optimistic! Speak positivity into existence.”  Sanoy Fleming, BET Digital Coordinator

    ‘Blue’ by Beyoncé

    “A song that makes me just feel in better spirits is ‘Blue’ by Beyoncé. The instrumentation is bright and fun and despite the song being written about her child it makes me remember how much I love to be alive and spending that life with the people I love.” —  Robert Sweeney, Motion Graphic Designer, BET Digital

  2. ‘Til Next Time Love’ by Larry June

    "Success is one of the many things that inspires me and I feel like Larry June is an artist who portrays that in a very relatable way. His recently-released album, Adjust to the Game, has been in regular rotation, particularly the track ‘Til Next Time Love.’ It's a smooth, weather getting nicer bop perfect for uplifting the spirit.” — Paul Meara, News Staff Writer,

    ‘Cool Off’ by Missy Elliot

     “‘Missy Elliot’s “Cool Off’ is “the one song that can energize me when I feel like I’m on my last tank of gas. You cannot NOT move when you hear this.” —  Wendy L. Wilson, News Director,


  3. ‘Happy’ by Pharrell 

    “‘Fine’ by Mary J. [Blige] [is] great motivation for a sluggish morning. ‘Happy’ by Pharrell makes me move and smile as soon as I hear the opening notes. ‘Survivor’ by Destiny’s Child. When the going gets tough, the tough put on this DC anthem. ‘Golden’ by Jill Scott is a great song for a reflective moment and inspiration to keep moving forward.” — Angela Burt-Murray, VP and Editorial Director,


    ‘Love On Top’ by Beyoncé.

    “‘Love On Top’ by Beyoncé. This song is just great to get you in a happy mood. [Second], ‘Fasta’ by Kah-Lo and Riton. Play this when you need to get moving. ‘Chasing Highs’ by Faarrow. This is just a feel good song [with] inspiring lyrics. [And last but not least], ‘1000 X’s & O’s’ by Prince. Prince’s voice cheers anyone up!” — Nasra Mohamed, Motion Graphic Designer, BET Digital

  4. ‘Do It’ by Chloe X Halle

    “‘Do It’ by Chloe X Halle because it makes me want to download Tik Tok to do their cute dance challenge. It makes you want to get up and dance. It’s such a bop!” — Donicia Hodge, Social Media Coordinator, BET Digital

    ‘We are One’ by Black Coffee

    “‘We are One” [by] Black Coffee’ (featuring Hugh Masekela). House music is my life, so this particular song wakes up my spirit and reminds me of my vision of a united diaspora.” — Joe Gray, Senior Editor,

  5. ‘Believe’ It by PartyNextDoor and Rihanna

    “A song that motivates me when I need encouragement is ‘Believe It’ by PartyNextDoor and Rihanna. This song has a timeless sound and an overflow of positive energy.” — Julian Silva, Music Programmer, BET Digital

    ‘Crazy’ by Seal 

     “I would love to shout out one of my favorite songs: SEAL’s ‘CRAZY.’ The music builds right from the start of the song… And I LOVE how strong, powerful, and unapologetic it is! I always felt like the lyrics ‘But we’re never gonna survive, unless we get a little crazy’ gave me permission to be passionate, fearless, and even a little wild at times. That it’s not only OK, but necessary, in order to navigate this ‘crazy’ world we live in.” — Michelle “Breeze” Johnson, Senior Director of Music Programming & Talent, BET

(Photo: Westend61/Getty Images)


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