Young M.A. Came To Fan’s Defense After They Were Pulled Over For Allegedly Blocking Traffic

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Young M.A. Came To Fan’s Defense After They Were Pulled Over For Allegedly Blocking Traffic

The woman in question was let off with a warning after 15 minutes.

Published June 2nd

Written by BET Staff

Fans of Young M.A.  are demanding answers from police after footage of an intense exchange between the Brooklyn rapper and the Atlanta police surfaced online earlier this week.

  1. In a three-minute video clip of the exchange reposted by online personality DJ Akademiks on Monday (June 1), the Herstory rapper came to a fan’s defense after they were pulled over by the police this past weekend. MA can be heard repeatedly asking one of the officers what woman did to warrant being pulled over. 

    “What did she do?” M.A. questioned one of the officers, to which he responded that everything was “fine” as onlookers filmed the exchange. M.A. wasn’t dissuaded and continued to press the officers for answers, who claimed the woman was allegedly “blocking traffic.” Alongside other bystanders, M.A. inquired to know why officers were going through the woman’s car trunk and calling for backup.

  2. “Why y’all even pulling her over for? Y’all still ain’t say why, though! Why did y’all pull her over? She was not blocking no f***ing traffic!” an indignant M.A. shouted. Later in the clip, the run-in was resolved peacefully after the cops ended up letting the woman off with a warning. M.A. thanked the cops for letting her off with warning. She and the fan hugged it out after the matter was settled. She said the whole encounter lasted for 15 minutes.

    “That's how we stand, bro, that's how we stand! They didn't want to let her go, bro. She came up to me showing love as a fan, bro. And them [cops] pulled her over 'cause she was in the middle of traffic. And we all pulled up, five cars deep, on police!” M.A. recounted later. “We in Atlanta right now. We don't want no smoke, we don't want no problems. But you're not gonna do that to my fans, bro.”

(Photo by Michael Loccisano/MTV1617/Getty Images for MTV)


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