Woman Who Allegedly Stabbed Michael Jackson's Niece Facing Hate Crime Charge

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Woman Who Allegedly Stabbed Michael Jackson's Niece Facing Hate Crime Charge

Yasmine Jackson alleged that the woman attacked her because of her race.

Published 3 weeks ago

Written by BET Staff

The 22-year-old woman, who allegedly stabbed Yasmine Jackson, the granddaughter of Joe Jackson and niece of Michael Jackson, has been charged. 

The woman, who has since been identified as Angela Bonnell, appeared in court on Tuesday (June 16) where she was charged with a hate crime and attempted murder with a deadly weapon, according to The Jasmine Brand.

  1. Previously, Bonnell was taken into custody of the Las Vegas Police Department after she attacked Jackson near her home on May 30. 

    Per witness interviews, Bonnell lived above Jackson and made noise complaints against her, according to KSNV. Bonnell reportedly threw a broom at a Jackson and a friend from her balcony before she jumped down and chased the two of them down. Bonnell slashed Jackson several times and hurled racial slurs at her while her friend called the police.  

    Jackson was treated for multiple cuts on her head and body, according to the arrest report obtained by KSNV. She later detailed the incident on Instagram. 

  2. “I was stabbed 7 times right by my house because ‘I’m a n****r.’ This woman chased me down and started stabbing me. She said it’s because I was a n****r and that’s all I could hear while I was being stabbed,” Jackson wrote in the post along with several photos of wounds to her head, neck, and face. She went on to say that she couldn't move her neck “at all” the time and is “scared to be alone” following the hate attack. 

    “I asked people to help me because she was stabbing me and nobody helped. Until someone did, actually a few people did & I am thankful for you.”


(Photo: Koichi Kamoshida/Getty Images)


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