50 Cent Responds To T.I.’s Verzuz Battle Challenge

50 Cent Responds To T.I.’s Verzuz Battle Challenge

There’s only one rapper whose catalog Fif feels is up to par with his.

Published July 7th

Written by BET Staff

To mark 50 Cent turning 45 on Monday (July 6), T.I. challenged the G-Unit mogul to go up against him hit-for-hit in a Verzuz battle.

  1. Posting a three-minute video to Instagram, Tip started off by wishing Fif  a happy birthday and praised him for “staying down and remaining alive and healthy” for all these years. “But for your birthday, I offer you a challenge sir. Pull yo’ a** up with 20 of yo’ brothers, sit across from me, and get this work, man,” he declared.

  2. Adding more fire to the fuel, The Grand Hustle mogul brought up how Kanye West infamously bested Fifty back in 2007 in an album showdown. “Look, man. Pull on up. Bring your hit records with you,” Tip continued. He even added that Fif was free to bring all his greatest collaborators to to “come see the king,” name-dropping Dr. Dre, Eminem and the entire G-Unit roster. 

    He then made sure to clarify that there was nothing personal going on between him and Fif, adding “I f**k with you, Fifty. It ain’t you. It’s your catalogue that got some trouble.” 

    The Atlanta native continued, “Everybody been talking about me and Jeezy, me and Gucci [Mane]. Listen man, I want Fifty. Atlanta and New York, that’s what we doing. If you want the smoke, I got the ashtray.”

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  3. However, it doesn't appear 50 Cent will be stepping into the virtual arena against the Grand Hustle mogul anytime soon. Much like his response to Ja Rule’s challenge, the Queens rapper will not be giving T.I.'s offer serious consideration. 

    He responded to T.I’s challenge on Twitter later the same day.

    “Yo, somebody passed T.I. the weed they gave Smokey in Friday. L.O.L,” he captioned a screenshot of HipHopDX’s article about the challenge.

  4. So far, the only person Fif has named that he feels is up to par on his level is Snoop Dogg, telling Big Boy in May “it would make more sense, catalog-wise, me and Snoop. And it’s just because we’d definitely be able to compete every step of the way.”

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