Fat Joe and Roy Jones Jr. Recall How They Almost Came To Blows Over ‘Lean Back’ Punchline

Fat Joe and Roy Jones Jr. Recall How They Almost Came To Blows Over ‘Lean Back’ Punchline

The two friends discuss the beef that nearly ended their friendship.

Published July 24th

Written by BET Staff

New York rap veteran Fat Joe recently invited Hall of Fame boxing legend Roy Jones Jr. on his Instagram-based “The Fat Joe Show” to chop it up about their history together. 

  1. During their one-hour conversation, the two recounted how they almost came to blows over a line Joe spit in Ja Rule’s infamous 2004 diss track aimed 50 Cent, “New York” alongside Jadakiss. On the track, the Bronx-bred rapper’s verse contained a line that took a jab at Jones’ losses to both Antonio Tarver and Glen Johnson that year. It went, “True Story, I'm bringing the T back / Even Roy Jones was forced to Lean Back.” 


  2. Suffice it to say, Jones was not pleased about the lyric and it led to the former boxing champion infamously confronting Joe at the release party for Ja’s R.U.L.E. album back in 2000. Even though the two have long since buried the hatchet, Joe admits he was the one in the wrong “one million percent.” He knew better, given their friendship, but he was feeling the pressure to go up against two highly-regarded rappers on the track.

    “I was going up against Jadakiss, Ja Rule at the time and it was a hot line. But, being that me and you had respect and we was cool, I f***ed up,” he acknowledged. 

    Jones agreed and said that was the only reason he went after Joe, telling him, “That’s where I had the issue at. I thought we were cool. I thought we were family.” 

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  3. Joe and Jones then reminisced over their confrontation, with Joe remarking “you had the Devil in your eye.” Fortunately, the two men talked it out and ultimately hashed out their differences that night. Nevertheless, Joe revealed he still has a bone to pick with southern rapper Choppa, who was adding fire to the situation. 

    “He kept yelling, “Fuck him up, Champ! Give it to him, Champ!” Joe recalled. “I’m grabbing your hands and this [guy] is saying ‘give it to him, Champ! Knock him out champ! Bro, to this day, I say if I catch this Choppa Style guy...he tried to get you to knock me out!”

    Listen to hilarious recountal below:  


(Photo from left: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for TIDAL and Steven Ferdman/Getty Images)


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