Diddy Gets Seconds on the Cheesecake

Diddy Gets Seconds on the Cheesecake

Published July 20, 2007

Posted July 3, 2007 – Don’t we love when Diddy gets to power-tripping and makes the wannabes do some crazy ish that has nothing to do with singing? I didn’t think there’d be any hikes for cheesecake this season. After all, it’s been done before, but some formulas work. Diddy seemed to think these competitors would refuse to complete the mission and complain like Babs, Fred, Ness and the gang from season two. However, all 20 guys impressed him by trekking from Times Square to Queens to the Bronx and beyond. I wonder if he realized that they didn’t really cross the George Washington Bridge like he asked. Hmmmm. He probably doesn’t care since they delivered the cheesecake. I’m relatively sure that was the main point of the task.

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I learned a little something about guys in this episode. First of all, I learned men pout. While his group members sucked it up and sang their hearts out, as the situation required, Anzeo sat his little self on a stoop and refused to sing. He even tried to persuade the others to conserve their voices and not sing until the next night’s performance at B.B. King’s. He was pretty much ignored. Of course, when the cops stopped the bunch from walking across the bridge, he was the first to suggest the gang just forget that part of the mission. So, in addition to being a whiner, I think he might also be just plain lazy. Of course, that’s easy for me to say ’cause I’m warm, in my house clicking on a laptop. In all honesty, I probably would have been in a worse mood than Anzeo, but I’d like to think I would have at least faked the funk for the cameras.

I also learned that guys aren’t always the players. Sometimes they get played. Poor Robert was a mess after trying to contact his girlfriend all day. He was sure she was at a party with her ex. Why? Apparently, she’s done something like that before. In the middle of the night, when she finally returned his call, he jumped outta bed like it was Christmas morning to question her about her whereabouts. (In her defense, she said she was getting her hair done, which can take all day.) OK, so I’m definitely no relationship expert, but when the trust is that absent, isn’t it time to just bounce? Hopefully, Robert won’t allow his relationship drama to interfere with the competition.

Lastly, this episode also confirmed my belief that brothers shouldn’t wear pastel colors.

So, it was finally time for an elimination, and Diddy cut four dudes. After he observed their performances at the nightclub, he decided Makio, Anzeo, Maurice and Tyrice must go. I definitely agreed with the Anzeo decision, based off his whining ways. I think Maurice turned the judges off ’cause he decided to take off his shirt while performing on stage. You could practically see the question marks appear above everyone’s heads. What? Hopefully, Maurice has learned that less isn’t always more. Tyrice had a decent voice. I remember that from auditions, but his wardrobe choices might have hurt his chances. I don’t think the gals of Danity Kane wore that much pink. I didn’t remember Makio at all, and if he hadn’t been eliminated, I probably still wouldn’t have noticed him. Getting lost in the crowd is never good for a wannabe super star.

So, now it’s down to 16.

Were you surprised by who was eliminated? Which group performed the best? Who’s your favorite so far? Would you walk and get cheesecake for Diddy?

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