Entertainment News: MTB4: Laurie Ann's Last Dance

Entertainment News: MTB4: Laurie Ann's Last Dance

Published July 26, 2007

Posted July 24, 2007 – Laurie Ann is gone. Oh, the horror! We all knew this was the big argument episode, but I honestly thought Laurie Ann and Diddy would work it out during the course of the show, you know, like how sitcoms wrap everything up in a nice little bow in no more than 22 minutes. I’m a little shocked that she’s off the show. OK. I’m over it now.

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So, I know a lot can be colored by the magic of TV editing, but from what viewers were shown, Miss Ann was getting a bit full of herself. In the process, Julius ended up in the hospital with a sprained ligament in his knee, and Johnathan shocked everybody by bowing out. He admitted his heart wasn’t in it. He realized he’s too outta shape for the boy-band business. Plus, his pride was a little hurt after Qwanell bloodied John’s nose in the boxing ring.

In addition to nearly sending two guys home, Laurie Ann pretty much jacked up Diddy’s elimination. Some folks will defend her and argue that Diddy shouldn’t have spoken to a woman the way he did, but I actually agree with him. Laurie Ann was feeling herself a bit much – maybe not more than Diddy feels himself, but it is his show, not hers. He wanted to cut the wannabes based on who danced the worst after a week of practice. However, Laurie decided to change the challenge to make the guys learn the routine in one day. So, when they all sucked, Diddy was thrown for a loop, and Laurie Ann had no real excuse. So, for the second time in the episode, he told her to leave. As we know, Diddy’s not one for the three-strike rule. So, two times was enough to leave Miss Ann out.

So, left to his own devices, Diddy’s elimination was pretty random. He just cut folks he wasn’t feeling and, surprisingly, Dan, the white guy, was one of those people. Just last week, Dan was deemed one of the most consistent contestants. I can’t think of one time when he cracked under the pressure of performing for the judges. However, Diddy knows what he wants for his male group, and Dan obviously ain’t it. It could also be some karma involved, considering Dan was largely responsible for sending home Devin and Jeremic last week.

Along with Dan, Curtiss, Andrae, Eric and Armando were sent home.

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