Entertainment News: MTB4: Diddy Drums Up More Drama

Entertainment News: MTB4: Diddy Drums Up More Drama

Published July 26, 2007

Posted July 17, 2007 – I’m no advocate of Black-on-Black violence, but I expected Jeremic and Robert to come to blows after Rob’s drama with his girl began to piss off Jeremic, who definitely felt like he had something to prove as one of the newbies in the house. While Jeremic wanted to practice, practice, practice, Robert was distracted by his girlfriend’s persistent calling. I think the two are made for each other – Robert and girlfriend June, that is. They’re both a little unbalanced, and that often makes for a long-lasting relationship – just look at Bobby and Whitney.

Speaking of singers, the 20 fellas proved they can blow this week and even left Diddy baffled about whom to get rid of. He’d planned to cut either four or six wannabes, but he was so impressed with their group performances that he didn’t eliminate anyone … but folks were eliminated.

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While, most of the guys went to the strip club to celebrate their good fortune, Diddy was at home trying to figure out how to cut some folks. What did he come up with? He decided to have some of the most consistent singers give their two cents about who should go. Awkward? Very.

So, Dan pretty much selected which two to send home, and the other “consistent” fellas just co-signed. Dan seemed to base his decision on the fact that some of the new guys – who barely had a chance to bond or prove their worth – spent the previous night at the buck-naked bar, as opposed to getting sleep or practicing their songs.

So, Devin and Jeremic ended up going home. It had to add salt to the wound to know that it wasn’t even Diddy who did the eliminating. It’s also sure to cause some tension in the house among the fellas.

The guys who did the decision-making are now less like peers and more like the men to beat. The old heads whose necks were on the line must be wondering why Diddy didn’t call them to the mat and ask their opinions. The new guys … well, they probably still feel as vulnerable as they did last week when they first arrived.

On a more positive note, Mike lost 11 pounds.

So, now the number’s down to 18. Next week, it could be back up to 20. Who knows?  From the previews, it looks like Laurie Ann might be the next to go.


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