Entertainment News: Franklin Directs The Maintenace Man

Entertainment News: Franklin Directs The Maintenace Man

Published July 27, 2007

Posted July 24, 2007 - Carl Franklin signs on to direct “The Maintenance Man."
Director Carl Franklin (“One False Move”) has signed on to direct "The Maintenance Man," the Screen Gems adaptation of Michael Baisden's novel about a gigolo in crisis. Baisden, a syndicated radio host, co-wrote the script with Ralph Farquhar. Centering on a handsome Juilliard grad who puts his musical aspirations aside when he discovers he can make a fortune romancing married women, he tires of lying to a woman he's fallen in love with. In addition to "The Maintenance Man," several Black films are on Hollywood’s fast track including a remake of "The Big Chill" as well as the new David E. Talbert-film, "First Sunday," starring Ice Cube.

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Melanie Brown hires famed attorney in child-support case against Eddie Murphy.
Melanie Brown, who was recently vindicated through DNA testing that proves actor Eddie Murphy fathered her daughter, wants to get all in his pockets and has hired famous pit-bull lawyer Gloria Allred to represent her in a child support case against the actor. Murphy publicly denied that he was Brown’s baby daddy. Allred, a regular TV legal voice known for consistent attacks on O.J. Simpson and Michael Jackson, is perhaps best know for taking on women discrimination cases. Guess it’s time for some good old-fashioned “Murphy’s Law.”

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