Entertainment: Movie: Interview: Hollywood Swingin' | Big Boi

Entertainment: Movie: Interview: Hollywood Swingin' | Big Boi

Published July 27, 2007

Posted July 27, 2007 - Multi-platinum selling rapper turned actor Antwan “Big Boi” Patton of Outkast fame has no problem taking the lead in the new hit comedy Who’s Your Caddy?

Out of the three movies that you’ve done, Who’s Your Caddy? becomes the second lead role that you’ve been able to lock down and you’ve only been in the game for a year. How did you get a hold to this project?

I got the script from my managers, Shakim and Queen Latifah, and they said they wanted me to play the lead. They sent it to me and I read a little bit of it on the plane and it was hysterical. By the time I landed I said I’ll take it.

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What’s not cool is this film has already begun to draw negative comparisons to Caddyshack the same way the press ripped Soul Plane for being a black coon-like version of Airplane! What are your thoughts of your latest release?

Its one of the funniest movies I’ve seen in a long time and its got a cold-blooded underlining story as well. One thing Big Boi is not is a coon and there ain’t gonna be no cooning going on when it comes to me. My character is an Ivy League graduate and he got a gang of degrees. He also got his degree on the streets because he came up in the hood.

Your longtime partner in rhyme Andre 3000 has been very outspoken over the years regarding how strong his love jones for acting was but obviously he wasn’t the only one.

The interest was there but the movies that they were sending just wasn’t right. After we did Idlewild we started having more time to sit and read through projects page by page and really I caught a little bug. It’s fun. It’s less work than music and then they get paid like ten times more.

Well being that your hometown of Atlanta has been receiving major buzz lately on the music side there’s no reason why yall shouldn’t take over Hollywood too. From Tyler Perry to TI the ATL is doing its thang.

Atlanta is the new Hollywood. We got Tyler Perry building studios down there and it’s ridiculous. He’s an amazing cool guy. He has good stories and a lot of morals in his work. I can dig it because he teaches as well as entertains.

Speaking of teaching and entertaining, what’s up with Outkast? There has to be something cooking that includes the two of you both on and off screen.

Yeah. As a matter of fact that’s what me and Dre are working on right now. We’re working on a Big Boi solo album, an Andre 3000 solo album and an Outkast new album so hopefully we can drop around February. We’re also talking about the screen right now. That’s definitely gonna happen again. We just got a lot of things in the works so keep your eyes peeled. Expect something from the `Kast at all times.

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