Entertainment News: Gibson's Death Race; Singleton Comic Crusade

Entertainment News: Gibson's Death Race; Singleton Comic Crusade

Published July 31, 2007

Posted July 31, 2007 - After trying to stop the Transformers in his last film, Tyrese Gibson's year of living dangerously continues as he has just signed to star in "Death Race" for director Paul W.S. Anderson. Also co-starring in the film will? be The Bourne Ultimatum star Joan Allen.

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The two join Jason Statham in the no-holds-barred, ultraviolent car race, set in 2020. The film is an update of producer Roger Corman's classic 1975 "Death Race 2000" that featured Sylvester Stallone and David Carradine.

According to Blackfilm.com, the race is on to see which film director John Singleton will direct first, either Marvel comics "Luke Cage" or "Black Panther."

"I really wanted to do both of those pictures" says Singleton. I've always been a fan of Marvel comics, so it depends. I can do 'Cage' or 'Black Panther'. I've just been approached about doing 'Black Panther'."

Hollywood perception on race are holding up the productions according to Singleton.  "If you put a black face on it, they think it's black thing; but yet we have all these movies that have come up and whenever they any black people in it, they make all this money. That's the thing that's holding 'Luke Cage' up. They think it's a small superhero movie."



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