Entertainment News: MTB4 Blog: Diddy Picks His Final 10

Entertainment News: MTB4 Blog: Diddy Picks His Final 10

Published August 1, 2007

Posted July 31, 2007 – Man, what a depressing episode. I figured Carlos would be going home, since he was suddenly the focus of the show, but I wasn’t expecting the whole baby storyline. It’s more than I can take from an MTV reality show. Carlos is a good guy, who’s looking forward to being a dad and doing a better job at fatherhood than his dad did. Then, his girlfriend learns the baby might have Down syndrome, and of course, Carlos is too distracted to perform for Diddy like he needs to in order to stay. So, he forgets the words and the dance steps, and is sent home. It’s just too sad. I’m gonna change the subject now.

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So, Laurie Ann is gone, and Jamal is the new choreographer for the wannabes. He does a good job, and even Diddy is impressed – by most of the dudes. Then, there’s Julius. He hurt his knee during last week’s practice and struggled to keep up with his competition this week. He failed. He even forgot some words to the song, and I’m not sure where to place the blame for that. I guess Diddy didn’t know either. So, Julius was sent home too.

Early on, I liked Julius. He won me over with his emotional gospel singing, but I have to admit that I wasn’t at all sad to see him go. Like Diddy, I was getting tired of his apparent lack of confidence. He had that grateful-just-to-be-here vibe, but you want your boy banders to be a little more cocky and self-assured. There’s a fine line between humble and pathetic.

The remaining 10 fellas also had to go home. They made it to the finals, and Diddy wants them back in two months. The next cut determines the group of four. In other words, the season finale is next week.

Diddy warned them that they had work to do, and they’ve sworn they’re going to come back better than ever; however, I’m betting that at least one of the finalists goes home and forgets his mission. If Mike comes back with more weight than he left with, he’s sure to be cut – quick. Donnie needs to keep practicing his dance steps, and D’Angelo needs to keep a fresh cut.

So, previews of the season finale suggest that some of Diddy’s favorites may fall. However, it would be a shame if one performance was enough to send a hopeful home. The previews also promised a bit of a New Edition concert as the wannabes serve as their opening act. I’ll be tuning in.

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