Entertainment News: Ejiofor Gets His "Redbelt"

Entertainment News: Ejiofor Gets His "Redbelt"

Published August 6, 2007

Posted Aug. 6, 2007 - Fresh on the heels on an impressive performance in "Talk To Me," Chiwetel Ejiofor will star in the mixed martial arts film, "David Mamet's Redbelt."

According to ComingSoon.net, Ejiofor will play Mike Terry, a chief instructor at Jiu-jitsu Academy. Although a talented fighter, he refuses to compete in professional bouts. Instead he trains dedicated students in the art of self-defense: bodyguards, cops. soldiers. At his brother-in-law's club one evening, Mike saves a famous action star (Tim Allen) from a severe beating. His defense of Frank leads to a job in the film industry, but other events conspire to force Mike to participate in a prize fight. David Mamet's Redbelt, is a story about the limits of a single man's integrity.

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Washington and Mos Def in "Bury Me Standing"

Kerry Washington has been cast opposite Mos Def in the upcoming film, "Bury Me Standing," according to Blackfilm.com.

Also co-starring Alfre Woodard, the film is a comedic drama about life, death and the madness that follows when the two meet. It is a tale that examines a young woman's reflections on death, a memorial, and a "family" that is forced to face its greatest fears when a young man suddenly dies.

Washington plays Mod and Woodward plays Gloria, a mother who is mourning her son. Gloria makes a deal with Mod to take her unborn baby in exchange for her house. The film begins production in September.

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