Entertainment News: More On Mel B.'s New Man

Entertainment News: More On Mel B.'s New Man

Published August 14, 2007

Posted Aug. 14, 2007 – With Melanie Brown's new hubby all up in the spotlight lately, Eddie Murphy must be breathing a sigh of relief this week.

According to gossip sources, Stephen Belafonte, who married the Spicy One on June 6, isn't just a convicted woman abuser and a delinquent daddy. He's a bit of a liar, too.

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Says entertainment columnist Janet Charlton, Belafonte's real last name is Stansbury. And apparently, he's attempted to pass himself off as Dionne Warwick's nephew and Harry Belafonte's son. Belafonte's criminal records stretch across New Jersey, San Diego and Los Angeles, where he reportedly has infractions that include assault with a deadly weapon and vandalism and assault on a roommate.

Charlton goes on to mention that many ex-wives and girlfriends have charged the film producer with assault and battery, that the "con artist" was evicted from four apartments in L.A., was kicked out of a nightspot for a credit card issue, and served jail time for attempting to alter his computer police records.

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