Entertainment News: Short Cuts: Ice Cube Wants a "10"

Entertainment News: Short Cuts: Ice Cube Wants a "10"

Published August 14, 2007

Posted Aug. 14, 2007 -- Ice Cube is in talks to co-produce a big-screen adaptation of the graphic novel "10" under his CubeVision shingle, reports Variety.

The story involves a guy who recieves what looks like junk mail, telling him he's in a competition with nine other people. Whoever gets out alive, wins. He chucks the letter, but then a man toting an ax shows up at the door. Yikes!

Also on Cube's plate: "First Sunday" for Screen Gems and a film adaptation of "Welcome Back, Kotter" and "Tough Love."

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Mac's An "Old Dog"

Bernie Mac has joined John Travolta and Robin Williams in the Disney comedy "Old Dogs."

The film follows two best friends and business partners whose lives are turned upside down when they find themselves taking care of 7-year-old twins. Mac, last seen in the summer blockbuster "Transformers," plays Johnny Lunchbox, the Elvis, Bono, and Beatles of children's entertainment all wrapped up into one super-charismatic puppeteer. Should be interesting.

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