Entertainment | Television | News: Lincoln Heights: Cast Bios

Entertainment | Television | News: Lincoln Heights: Cast Bios

Published August 29, 2007

Eddie Sutton
Optimistic and ambitious, Eddie Sutton lives by a strong code of honor and duty to his family, his job as a Misson Vista police officer and to his community.  So when he gets the chance to buy a house in his old neighborhood, that’s on his beat, Eddie seizes the golden opportunity to provide his family with a real home.  The transition is harder than he expected, but Eddie is not one to fold under pressure.  There's nothing he'll fight harder for than his family... their hopes, their dreams, and their new life in his old neighborhood.  But will he succeed and what will be the price if he doesn't?

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Jenn Sutton
The voice of reason in the Sutton family, Jenn isn't afraid to voice her concerns when Eddie wants to move their family to Lincoln Heights.  But Eddie soon wins her over and before long Jenn transforms a rundown old house into a beautiful new home.  On one hand it's perfect, but on the other hand she can't deny the harsh realities of living in Lincoln Heights.  Not one to be easily shaken, Jenn holds fast to Eddie's dream and is determined to make things work.  But can she really share her husband’s dream and create the home they always wanted for their family?

Cassie Sutton
Eddie and Jenn's oldest daughter Cassie faces the struggles that every teenage girl deals with: high school, boys, the future, her parents, her dreams.  But she has to figure everything out in a strange new neighborhood and school that doesn't exactly welcome her with open arms.  A gifted artist, Cassie escapes into her sketchbook until a  mysterious boy draws her out of her closed world.  Do they have a future together or will the past and the present conspire to keep them apart?

Lizzie Sutton
A smart, vibrant tomboy who loves to play basketball, Lizzie is independent and has a mind of her own.  She misses her friends from her old school, but she's willing to give her new home a chance.  Lizzie’s loyalty, strength and compassion make her a valuable ally to friends and family…and a formidable opponent to her enemies.  To make her way in her new surroundings, Lizzie will have to prove just how tough she really is...especially to herself.

Tay Sutton
A smart, happy kid, Tay has good sense of humor and a thick skin which comes in handy with two older sisters.  But his new tough school causes Tay to find an inner strength and resilience he never knew he had.  Tay’s diabetic health issues adds to his daily struggles, but he follows his parent’s lead and doesn’t allow setbacks to keep him down.  With all the obstacles in his way, Tay is determined to rise above... but will life in Lincoln Heights discourage his tenacity?

Charles Antoni
Charles was the new kid at school, just like Cassie.  From the minute he arrives, the quiet, unassuming Charles is the subject of rumors that say he's a violent felon or worse.  But Cassie sees through all the rumors and finds a kind, sensitive, loving guy that wins her heart.  But will the secrets of his past hinder their relationship?

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