SHORT CUTS: Moore Gives Guys "Game"

SHORT CUTS: Moore Gives Guys "Game"

Published September 21, 2007

Posted Sept. 10, 2007 -- Actress Kenya Moore is giving brothers a clue about sisters with her new book "Game, Get Some: What Women Really Want."

The book, slated for a November release, compiles advice and situations from Moore herself and from interviews of other women.

"I'm so happy about this book. It's my way of explaining women from A to Z for the fellas out there that want to polish their game. It is impossible for one single man to know everything there is to know about women. It's not possible and that's why I wrote this book," she told EUR. "It's my personal experience. I interviewed women. We did polls on line. We talk about everything."

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The former Miss USA cleverly wrote the book using sports lingo to coach men on how to communicate with women.

"We're just inherently different - men and women," she said. "We're raised differently; we think differently, we communicate differently. That's why sometimes there are a lot of problems when we try to form relationships with the opposite sex. This book just kind of puts everything in perspective."

Ike Turner and Ex-Wife Plan Reality Show

Veteran musician Ike Turner is trying to give reality TV a shot with a show based on his rocky relationship with ex-wife Audrey Madison, the woman he claims tried to kill him with an overdose of prescription pills.

The 75-year-old divorced artist is now back together with Madison, his background singer, and looking to make some money off of their quirky relationship. Friends insist the couple will be together forever, because she's the only woman who is "wilder than he is."     

One source says: "He's been used to marrying groupies he could control."


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