Short Cuts: Mac and Jackson Got "Soul"

Short Cuts: Mac and Jackson Got "Soul"

Published September 24, 2007

Posted Sept. 24, 2007 -- Samuel L. Jackson and Bernie Mac team up as estranged soul-singing legends on a reunion tour in "Soul Men," a Dimension Films comedy. The actors play two former backup soul singers of a famed group whose band leader recently died. They haven't spoken to each other in 20 years but reluctantly agree to travel together for a tribute performance.

Jackson's deal is closed, and he'll take on the role after he completes the Frank Miller-directed "The Spirit." Mac is in negotiations, just finishing up the comedy "Old Dogs." Both are expected to dance and sing. Production begins on Jan. 15.

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Mama Berry Talks to Oprah

A very pregnant Halle Berry will make an appearance on “The Oprah Winfrey Show" and speak publicly about her pregnancy for the first time.

On the show, taped Thursday, Sept. 20, the actress said she had taken 33 at-home pregnancy tests in her quest to have a baby before finally getting a positive.

She also says she hopes to have a second child with boyfriend Gabriel Aubrey as soon as the current baby is delivered early next year. Is baby no. 1 a boy or a girl? Berry says she doesn't want to know. 

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