Ambreal Moves On After 'Model'

Ambreal Moves On After 'Model'

Published November 19, 2007

Posted Nov. 19, 2007 -- One thing is certain about Ambreal Williams - one elimination from a modeling competition won't stop her show. Last week, the Howard University sophomore became the seventh contestant to be cut from "America's Next Top Model," after several close calls in the bottom two. caught up with the Dallas, Texas native to find out what's next for her.

Who or what inspired you to try out for "Top Model?"
It was my decision to try out, but my family has always pushed me to follow my dreams. I definitely had the support of my family.

On a scale from 1-10, how would you rate your experience on the show?
10 - more than a 10. It was a chance of a lifetime. Definitely 10 plus.

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Did you find the critiques fair?
I feel like some were fair. But how they gave  them were for show. I definitely embraced what they said.

When you look at the edited show, were you portrayed accurately? I was always the one making people laugh. I am a goof ball and I like to entertain people. You only got to see a little bit of that.

Jay said you'd started out strong, but began to falter each week. What do you think happened?
I forgot to remain true to myself, and take in the critiques and apply it all at the same time. Hearing it and knowing why (the critique is given) is a different thing. I needed to work on my facial experessions. It's something that I've worked on.

The challenges seem to get tougher by the season? What was your favorite? Doing the Keep a Child Alive spot. I enjoyed it, and was touched by that.

What was your least favorite? Ice skating. I love to ice skate with my friends around Christmas, but with professional skaters and them picking you up, it was frightening.

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If you had to pick one other contestant to win, besides yourself, who would it be?
Jenna - I wanted to be the last two with her. I hope she makes it all the way.

What will you miss about living in the house?
I miss the house! It was sooo beautiful. If I had the money, I'd buy it. The architecture, the patio where we could look over the city of LA. I miss my girls. It was exciting to be with all different cultures. We were a little afraid that we would be a boring season because we got along so well. I plan to keep in touch with them because they are some beautiful people.

What did you learn about yourself from the experience?
To have fun and remain true to myself. And not take it too serious. Listen and apply the correct way.

What's next for you?
I would love to be the best Ambreal I can be. I want to be a great inspiration and role model to young girls, show them that you can be different and still make it out there. I want to be in the entertainment industry. I feel like all of this would be in vain if I didn't try to continue to model. 

Would you do "Top Model" all over?
I would do the competition. Reality TV? Someone would have to pay me for that!

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