Lisa Jackson: "I'm So Hard On Myself"

Lisa Jackson: "I'm So Hard On Myself"

Published November 27, 2007

Posted Nov. 27, 2007 -- If you were rooting for Lisa Jackson to win "America's Next Top Model" this season, you weren't alone. The Jamaican-German beauty quickly captured fans with her stunning photos and sweet personality. But it was her underdog story -- exotic dancer dreams of becoming a model superstar -- that moved fans to cheer her on each week. It all came to a halt last week, when Tyra sent the sensitive Jersey girl on a long trip back home from China. What's she up to now? finds out.

You were such a strong contender in the beginning. What happened?
I think that I had gotten frustrated with myself. I'm so hard on myself that it showed. I wished that I hadn't been so revealing with my feelings. I kinda expected it because I was in the bottom two before. The stress of everything just really got to me.

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Which was tougher: modeling or being on a reality show?
It was the reality show. When it came down to taking pictures, I had a great time. That's the part that I'm excited for. The reality side was more stressful than you realize. Living in the house with all the girls, and the weird hours that we were doing things -- things get to you. You try to be aware of yourself because millions of people will see you, but it's hard to. The real world will be easier on me, when I can go home and hug my family and someone can tell me that it's going to be OK.

So you had a feeling Tyra would let you go?
After watching the other girls go, you see a pattern. When you hit bottom two, there's a pressure to do better. That's more frustraing than anything because no matter how good I did, they had it for me to leave. Well, maybe not. That may have been me overthinking things, too.

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On a scale from 1-10, how would you rate your experience on the show?
8 - It sucks not to win. But I got to go on a cruise. I went to China, I lived in a mansion. I got to meet amazing people in the industry. I made friends. I feel lucky and blessed.

Did viewers get to see the real Lisa? If not, what should we know about you? There was more of me you didn't see, the part that likes to laugh and have fun. I am critical of myself and that was real, but people didn't get to see enough of my fun side.

Who would you like to see win now?
Heather or Jenah - I feel like they're extremely good models. Heather takes gorgeous pictures and Jenah is so talented. Saleisha, too.

You had beef with Bianca in the beginning of the show. Were you two able to become friends after that? How did you settle your differences?
When I apoligized, I meant it. I don't believe in holding grudges. Life's too short. I liked the fact that she was funny. She was hilarious. There was a part of her that was really sweet. I'm glad that I did get to know that side of her.

Would you do it all over again?
I would. I would do it a little different. I'd be more prepared. I wouldn't go on reality TV again.

Why? Is it the cameras?
You're really taken out of your element. I didn't like that it broke me so much. But it's also the cameras and the itchy mics.

Your being a former dancer became a non-issue on the show, which was good.
I was glad for that. I was worried. I hadn't told my family so I had to prep them for it. I got to prove that I was more than my occupation. I'm glad that they got to see me for who I was and that I could be a model.

And what are your plans now?
I'm going to be working with a photographer and get a book together. I want to do some new things and just go out there and be who I am. I know that I will walk into a place with confidence. I can go into it more prepared.

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What advice do you have for aspiring models after being on the show?
It's really just about going out there, being on time, being professional and being a good person to work with.

What are your top five beauty products?
Hmm. I don't know if I have five. I'm still not as girly as I should be. But I love Proactiv. I used to have really bad pimples. It's been clear ever since I started using it. On the show, we got lots of Covergirl makeup, so I use that now.

Do you have a favorite brand of jeans?
I wear Baby Phat because their skinny jeans are long. When you're 6'1, you go crazy trying to find clothes.




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