Heather: "I'm Ready for Anything"

Heather: "I'm Ready for Anything"

Published November 30, 2007

Posted Nov. 30, 2007 -- Heather Kuzmich's photos were so flawless week to week, "America's Next Top Model" fans knew she was a shoe-in to win the modeling competition. But Tyra surprised all when she made the Indiana native the 10th eliminee of the season. BET.com finds out what she's up to now.

How would you describe your experience on the show?
Wonderful. I loved it to death. The photo shoots were a blast with the girls.

What did it mean to you make the top five?
I wasn't expecting to go that far. Because my family and friends had been bugging me to try out, I did it. I said, "Let's see what happens." 

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How much do you think your Asberger's had to do with your results in the competition?
It had nothing to do with my results. Even though I had problems with speech and talking to people, I was able to convey myself in photos very well. 

What was tougher: modeling or being on a reality TV show?
The reality show was much harder. You have to wake up in morning, get a mic on you, then you have to take if off to shower and get in the pool. There were moments where you wanted privatcy, and you couldn't because there was a camera in front of you. 

A lot of people probably hadn't never heard of Asberger's before you showed up on Top Model. Have any autism-related organizations reached out to you?
Not as of yet. But it's only been a day since the elimination show aired.

Who would you like to see win now?
I'd be happy if any of them won. I'd be tickled if everyone were successful, and if all the girls became something. We really got along well, but I wished they would have showed it more on the show.

Did you like modeling enough to continue? Of course. I would love to continue. I'm ready for anything.

Would you do it all over again?
Yes. I would, even if I didn't win.

Who was the most helpful judge?
All of them were. Nigel was very helpful.

What did you learn about yourself most?
That I'm too harsh on myself. I'm my worst critic. I always push myself to do better.

Were the judges critiques fair?
They were very fair with me. There were Moments where I questioned their fairness once in a while. But they weren't out of line.

What's your advice to next season's contestants?
Be very honest. Don't act like a character. Don't talk too much behind people's backs because you make enemies like that. Try to make friends because it helps. The loner thing - that's all dandy. But it would be a very boring experience. It's best to just go and have fun.

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