Bianca: "I Had to Do What I Had to Do"

Bianca: "I Had to Do What I Had to Do"

Published December 12, 2007

Posted Dec. 10, 2007 -- Every season of "America's Next Top Model" has one: The girl viewers love to hate. This fall, 18-year-old Bianca Golden, with all her New York attitude, filled those shoes. But the Lincoln University sophomore swears there's more to her than meets the eye. caught up with the latest eliminee to find out.

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OK, let's get right to it. Are you as conniving as people think?
I don't think I'm conniving. I had to do what I had to. I wanted this since I was 12. I only had 12 girls to get out the way to get to my dream. I wasn't as mean as they made me seem on the show. I was only being strategic.

Did you and Lisa get along after your early beef?
We never really squashed it. We apologized for the show, for panel. I mean, we had to deal with each other. Now, we're good friends. We call each other everyday.

What side of Bianca didn't we get to see on camera?
The funny side. I'm really goofy. I'm always laughing. We had a lot of fun together, but you didn't get to see it.

Which was tougher: modeling or being on a reality show?
The modeling wasn't hard. It was living with 12 other girls, and having to deal with them. They were always putting my age on Front Street so trying to prove myself to other girls was hard for me.

Did you agree with why you were sent home?
During the time, I thought it was a slap in the face because Tyra told me to go home and take amateur pictures. But now I think she gave me the best advice of everyone.

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Now that you're off the show, who would you be happy to see win out of Saleisha, Jenah and Chantal?
All of them are good. I would say Jenah. Jenah as a model, Chantal as a role model. Jenah's portfolio is amazing and she can go anywhere and represent "Top Model." Chantal because she is such a positive person. We could have a shoot at 5 a.m, and she would get up happy just to be alive.

What was the best part about being on the show?
So many things, the things you didn't get to see. When there were no cameras around, we'd be goofing around, talking about our boyfriends.

Would you do the show again?
Definitely, I would. But I'd be more aware of the cameras, and watch what I say. My family was embarrassed. I come from a strict West Indian background. (Bianca's family is from Turks & Caicos.)

What's your advice to the next "Top Model" contestant?
Go in there with all your personality. Bring it to the 10th power, full throttle. Don't let anyone steal your shine. And watch out for the hidden cameras!

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If you still plan to pursue modeling, what will you do to help improve your skills?
I definitely will pursue modeling. I've been doing what Tyra said and taking snapshots. I'm going to go to casting calls and hopefully I'll get booked.

Are you still rockin' the short cut?
Not right now. But I'm planning to keep it. It grew out some. I'll cut it off again before I go on go-sees.

People seem to think you blossomed after Tyra cropped your hair? Do you?
I had a strong personality. After the hair was off, I had nothing to hide behind. It was just me. I was frieghtened by that. I lost a bit of my confidence in that transition, but then I got it back.

Will you go back to weaves?
I love weaves. Definitely, yeah. If I didn't have a job, and I was going to a party, I would.

What's your favorite brand of jeans?
Seven. I love them. They fit skinny girls, and I'm skinny and tall. I feel like they're made just for me. Any other jeans are high waters on me. I spend the extra buck and get jeans that fit right.

What's your must-have beauty buy?
Mascara - I have really short lashes and I use it over and over, probably too much. I use Covergirl. We got so many freebies from the show I won't have to buy any makeup for like two years!

What are you splurging on this winter?
Definitely boots and scarves. I love when it gets nippy out because you can layer. I like boots from Baker's, flat and comfortable with no fur. I love Urban Outfitter's scarves. I get the long ones and wrap them around and around.





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