Bassett Hired for "ER"

Bassett Hired for "ER"

Published April 28, 2008

Posted April 28, 2008 -- Angela Bassett will be joining the hospital staff over at "ER" for the show's final season, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

In her first full-time series gig, Bassett will play a tough attending with a troubled past who's coming back to Chicago after a few years in Indonesia doing tsunami relief. Her arrival in the second episode next season promises to shake County General's ER to the core.

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"Angela is a wonderfully talented actress whom I've long hoped to work with," said "ER" exec producer John Wells.

In addition to Bassett, original cast member Noah Wyle will join "ER" for its 15th and final season. Wyle will guest star in at least four of the show's planned 19 episodes.

Bassett, who starred in Tyler Perry's "Meet the Browns," recently wrapped the B.I.G. biopic "Notorious."

In More "ER" News...

Mekhi Phifer will put down his stethoscope and pick up a rifle for the upcoming film "Hunter's Moon," a live action drama based on a graphic novel by James L. White.

The actor, who currently stars as Dr. Pratt on NBC's "ER," will play a stockbroker who takes his son on a weekend hunting trip in the woods. The teen is kidnapped, forcing the father to do the criminals' bidding to save the boy's life, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

"Hunter's Moon" was published as a five-part comic series last year, and released in novel form this month via Boom Entertainment, which will produce the film.

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