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Jay-Z's Trainer To Release Exercise Book | ENTERTAINMENT NEWS | ENTERTAINMENT | BET.com

Published December 9, 2008

Posted Dec. 9, 2008 -- What do Jay-Z, Beyonce, Pharrell and Gwen Stefani all have in common? Okay, besides the fact that these entertainers all probably frequent the same restaurants and live a luxurious lifestyle in times of economic hardship, they are all clients of Marco Borges. Borges is a World-renowned exercise physiologist who will release, Power Moves: The Four Motions To Transform Your Body For Life, a book that takes a different approach to exercising.

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The book's foreward is written by Jay-Z, who gives the platinum stamp of approval to Borges. "I’ve had success in my life because of two key factors, I strive to be nothing short of the best and I only surround myself with the best," says Jay. And Pharrell offers his endorsement of Borges in the book's reviews, "Marco has been a mentor, motivator, and brilliant teacher…For me and many others, he has been like a new pair of glasses in life. And boy do we see the difference.”

In the foreward, Jay goes on to explain how Marco focuses on moving the four major joints in your body: shoulders, hips, elbows, knees. That simple approach, according to Borges, will work every muscle in your body. Jay-Z adds, "...once you understand how different movements of the joints stimulate different sets of muscles you can really do anything you want.  Marco’s power moves has completely redefined my notion of exercise."

But it will take more than a few body movements to get abs like Beyonce. Jay talks about his eating habits as well. "I like the best of the best, from sushi at Nobu to cheesecake at Junior’s in Brooklyn. So I’m not one of these people who never eat anything that’s high in fat.  But if I’m going to eat something that’s high in fat, I’m not going to waste it on junk food.  I have to make it count," Jay-Z offers.

Even more interesting is the book's mention of Jay-Z's 40-flight stair climb in Taiwan, or his sprint around a park in Poland, which he seriously describes to give readers a taste of what their exercise regimen could be like if they had as much money to travel as he does. "Marco has traveled the world with me...but you don't need to span the globe to have fun exercising and find the best in yourself," Jay suggests. The choice for the reg-u-lars, instead, is to cuddle up with Marco's book and channel your inner celebrity by adhering to the same rules that they do. 

Power Moves: The Four Moves To Transform Your Body For Live is available for pre-order on Amazon.com and will hit bookstores on January 6, 2009.


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