Opinion Piece | 'Sex and the City 2': Return of the Cosmos

Opinion Piece | 'Sex and the City 2': Return of the Cosmos

Published July 29, 2010

Ladies, gents, Blacks, Whites, gays, straights and everyone in between, I give you the greatest show on earth. 'Sex' has returned to the city! Millions have waited as visions of Birkin Bags danced in our heads. What will Carrie wear? What crazy double entendres will Samantha concoct? Does Charlotte still have babies on the brain? Has Miranda successfully escaped from Brooklyn? Most important of all -- will we get another full frontal shower scene?

On a gorgeous Tuesday night in Manhattan, I made my way to an advanced screening of "Sex and the City 2."  Once upon a time, I was a non-believer.  I wasn't quick to catch the many catch phrases sprinkled in common conversations; the Cosmo craze, “He’s just not that into you” and the infamous “Post It" breakup. Now that I have been totally submerged into this scandalously seductive and sometime silly world, I cannot walk past a metal sidewalk hatch without flashes of Samantha falling in!

I believe now as I strutted down Broadway in my new favorite outfit – a tan, high-waist, asymmetrical flared skirt, white tank top and bold gold statement necklace. I wasn’t rocking any designer labels, but I truly believe my vintage, avant-garde chic pieces would have made Carrie Bradshaw proud!

The AMC Lincoln Square was flooded with a gaggle of what appeared to be single gals and their gay BFFs.  Nestled in my seat, I asked my two friends what they thought about the security guard that deemed us worthy of entry – hey, I am at an advanced screening of "Sex and the City 2," I might as well try to land a man!

Both quickly pointed out that he was a mere security guard at a movie theater. In his defense, I offered up the idea of him simply moonlighting for this one event. Right then and there my buds pulled my card, saying, “You are so Charlotte!”  For the rest of the night I was labeled the eternal optimist!  Just to be clear, this Southern gal is not some overly optimistic hopeless romantic.  I have lived and loved in New York City for the last seven years…

I've had the Carrie/Aidan experience with a man who wanted to settle down and start a family and I simply was not ready.

I've had the Samantha/Smith experience with an up-and-coming model that chased his dream to the west coast.

I've been caught up in an on again, off again Carrie/Big crazy, no-one-understands-I-don’t-even-understand-it myself love.

Now, I'm anxiously awaiting my Miranda/Dr. Robert (Blair Underwood) surprisingly sexy neighbor love. So, it’s only fair that I try walking around in Charlotte’s shoes for awhile.

As I type the last lines of this article, I stare at my computer screen and then out of my New York City apartment window, much like the all too familiar scenes of Carrie Bradshaw engraved in our memory. I think about the glitz and drama I saw on the big screen, looking ahead to the days, months and years that await me. Transitioning into marriage and motherhood much like Miranda and Charlotte, but -- thrilled with the idea of summoning my inner Samantha!  So raise your Cosmos, put a flower in your hair and catch a man’s eye this Memorial Day Weekend all while enjoying the latest dose of "Sex and the City."

"Sex and the City 2" is in theaters tomorrow.


J’Nara Corbin is a New York City-based actress and model. She is starring in the film, Finding Me: Truth, which is in theaters this summer.  For more of her work, you can read her commentary on Princess and the Frog and Chris Rock’s Good Hair.

Written by J'Nara Corbin


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