Jordin Sparks Stars 'In The Heights' | Entertainment News

Jordin Sparks Stars 'In The Heights' | Entertainment News

Published October 5, 2010

When Jordin Sparks takes the stage for “In The Heights," it’s hard not to think of her as the fresh-faced 17-year-old that the country first saw three years ago on American Idol. Now, the 20-year-old Sparks is playing a 12-week run as Nina Rosario in the Tony Award-winning Broadway musical. Sparks adds the much-needed star power to bring people out to see this inspiring story.

For her Broadway debut, Sparks shows that she is the right fit for her role. Having already survived the pressure of having to sing in front of America every week, the young star seemed to be comfortable in front of the audience, which included Gayle King who whispered to her friend that she was back to see the show for a second time. It’s no wonder: the cast shines in this uplifting story about a Washington Heights neighborhood, and the intertwining lives of a few of its residents.

Nina is the first in her Dominican family to attend college, and “In The Heights” tells the story of a first year college student, who returns home after her first semester with some not-so-good news. When Sparks belts into song during her performance, the audience is quickly reminded how the young singer became the Season 6 American Idol winner three years ago. But it’s the authenticity of her character that makes Sparks so believable. So what she isn’t really Dominican. After watching “In The Heights,” you’d never know.

To purchase tickets for "In The Heights," click here.  Jordin Sparks will be in the show until November 14th. 

Written by Kim Osorio


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